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How can i make my phone fasterSupport

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  1. phenom01

    phenom01 Active Member

    My quadrant is 920 and i have seen people with 2000+ quadrant. How can i get those stats?

  2. Daedalus

    Daedalus Well-Known Member

    Root it, froyo, and over clock.
  3. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    keep in mind that quadrant doesnt mean sh*t. the scores dont mean jack. its just an inflated number that just gives you an ego boost.

    does the phone do everything you want? yes.

    good, end of.
  4. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    `Ghost` is right...forget the Quadrant scores. They mean nothing in reality. More than anything they're used for bragging rights and tend to be disparate between different phones/processors. You're wasting your time chasing Quadrant scores.

    Rooting will not make the phone faster; it merely allows greater access to the OS, which allows certain apps to do more than they would otherwise be able.

    As for making the phone faster, for a beginner the best choice is the "OCLF," as it's known. You can find it here:

    RyanZA's OCLF 2.0 - Android app on AppBrain

    There are Froyo ROM's available, but none is based on a release version of 2.2. All the devs are working with a leaked Froyo ROM. However, some are quite good.

    I'd do some serious reading before you actually consider flashing a ROM. It's not that it's all that difficult; it's that you can "soft brick" your phone pretty easily if you're not careful.
  5. Zylograth

    Zylograth Well-Known Member

    make phone go faster, get on a train and run towards the engine, or a plane and run towards the cockpit :)
  6. phenom01

    phenom01 Active Member

    Actually no, the phone does not do everything i want. Every time i turn it horizontal it takes about 10 seconds for it to switch to landscape mode.
  7. Zylograth

    Zylograth Well-Known Member

    mine switches instantly, maybe you got a bad phone
  8. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    as does my wifes vibrant, instantly switches.

    try some sort of accelerometer calibration
  9. staceadams

    staceadams New Member

    hey!! i was also stuck with the same problem and after searching on google i found this thenerdmag.com/speed-up-your-android-device-using-all-in-one-booster-pro

    i hope this also works for you :)
  10. SuaveGato

    SuaveGato Member

    can anyone please help me with my phone? Been doing some reading and I'm a novice so I don't understand most of these terms etc.? I have 2 year old Vibrant SGH-T959. I don’t even really use it a lot except for a browser, phone & text but it has just been getting slower & slower to the point it’s nearly unusable now? I thought maybe my memorie(s) were filling up but from the data below, doesn’t look like that’s it? I read somewhere maybe I should back everything up, then somehow put it all back to factory and start over? Any tutorial on that for “dummies”? Thanks for any help. (The app recommended above is no longer available)

    Firmware = 2.2, baseband = T959UVKB5, kernel version =, build = FROYO.UVKB5SD card = total space = 1.9 GB, available = 1.52Gb. Phone storage = 13.18 GB, available = 12.97. Application storage = 0.88GB.

    P.S. I guess I should what slow is specifically? takes SOOO long to switch between screens, apps, sometimes the delay in responding to my screen touches that I miss a phone call before it responds to my "Swipe to answer". etc. Thank you.

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