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How can I put music/audiobooks on my Optimus 2x ?Support

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  1. Phil K

    Phil K Member

    Thing is, I tried to install music (Best of Queen Platinum to be precise) and when I went to find it, it's nowhere to be seen.
    Now, I appreciate that the LG software is abysmal, and I dearly wish to find some prog that will allow me to get at the SD card - I see it in the LG On-Screen whatsits, but when I drag and drop it SAYS it's uploaded, but theres no sign of it on the card.
    Help would be HUGELY appreciated. :confused:

  2. Phil K

    Phil K Member

    Help not given, surprisingly. :confused:

    LGG2XTEGRA Member

    Very strange situation...
    I'm frequently uploading musics, I have about 10 folders with different music, but I had never any problems.....
    Maybe you have installed something which is blocking the scanning system (when adding a new resource to phone, system automatically scans them)
    Try TTPOD Player it is very powerful
  4. Phil K

    Phil K Member

    Thanks for the assistance. Got it sussed eventually - normal situation, can't see the wood for the trees....:D Still, for all that, I frequently have problems with my sd card being "seen" by the comp. Constantly have to "scan and fix" for some reason.

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