How can I sent short video as a text message like I did with iphone 5Support

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  1. elmostro44

    elmostro44 Member

    Can I send videos like I use to sent in iphone 5 in messages ?? I have a Galaxy s4 but I do not know how to do it. It is any aplication for that?

  2. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about an easy video attached to a text message just open up the text in messaging and click the paper clip icon on the right. That will give you the options.
  3. beckaboowoo

    beckaboowoo New Member

    Ive tried that way also and it doesn't work. Is said this file is to big and its only a 30sec clip :-( ive been trying to work out how to send a video in a text message for months. Plz help
  4. Catpfish

    Catpfish Member

    If you film something using the camera directly, the file gets very large very quick. However, if you access the camera via the messaging program (using the paper clip) and then film, the file size will be kept smaller. I'm not really sure what you can do with a (large file size) movie after the fact.

    If you go and look at the size of the movie you are trying to send, I'll bet you are surprised at the size of the file.
  5. twalsh3

    twalsh3 Member

    I am not sure which carrier you are on but all operators have a max message size of what they can accept and also carriers have a max message size of what they can receive. For example, Verizon is something like a 2mb max upload for an MMS (pic, video, audio). If you are recording video in 1080p or 720p it will exceed that size in under 10 seconds. You will have to either send via facebook messenger, hangouts or something like that but not through MMS. Otherwise you can lower the quality of the recording video and try sending again.

    Hope that helps.
  6. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    I think, but am not 100% certain, also that the iphone will compress the video so that it can still be sent. Which in my experience, isn't really a benefit because the person you are sending to ends up with a very low quality video. Any videos I try to send that are even 10 seconds or longer, I just upload to Dropbox, place it in the public folder, and then text the person the link to it. It has worked out much better for me.
  7. Take a look at the "WhatsApp Messenger" in the Google Play store. That may be what you are looking for.

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