How can I stop/freeze the FF1 update

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  1. zeekutar

    zeekutar New Member

    I do not want the update, but I like the stock gui.
    I've done a basic root to the phone to remove all the bloatware and to be able to do a few other things.

    I've been able to avoid the update at first by clicking [later] over and over

    This proved to be annoying, and possibly dangerous considering I tend to not look at the screen all the time when I turn it on. I don't want to accidentally start installing it.

    I've also been able to halt the install by deleting the zip file (yay root!)
    and letting it 'try to update'. This causes the yellow /!\ screen to appear, but after another reboot it loads just fine (at least the first time I've done it. I really don't want to keep trusting that it will keep working)

    So of course I was annoyed when I saw my 3G symbol lit up again this morning. I checked the cache folder and the zip file was being downloaded again...

    Anyone have any Idea what program is causing this and if I can freeze/stop it before it takes away my root and changes things I want to keep the same? I've checked online but most places point to file names that I just don't have on my phone. Apps like updater and the like.

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... in the Tweaked 2.2 ROM thread on RootzWiki there is a build.prop edit that changes the revision reported to VZW to FF1 so the update never starts, not sure if it would work on a stock/rooted device though. I would recommend jumping over there and posting a message to Dwitherell in the Tweaked thread or via a PM.
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  3. zeekutar

    zeekutar New Member

    That looks perfect. I've gone there and flashed the zip they suggested and SO FAR it appears to have worked. I haven't had to fake the upgrade without the zip and the notifications/zip files have gone away. Time will tell (as my first fix only lasted 3 days) but it looks like this is the right answer.

    Thanks a lot :)


    file mentioned in forum:

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