How can I tell if my phone is being used?

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  1. crazysoccerman14

    crazysoccerman14 Well-Known Member

    I lost my phone about a month ago. I monitored the call/data/message usage via VZW's online account manager. The phone was disabled two weeks after it was lost. There is no way I can re-enable it so I cannot call/text message it or see possible usage.

    This is my question for you:

    Is there any way I can monitor usage through the android/google system on the phone? No e-mails or apps have been sent/purchased since I lost it. And my contact book hasn't changed (I don't think I enabled auto-sync for contacts). If someone has my phone, they have either reset it and associated it with their own google account or they aren't doing anything with it. They could have purchased apps through my google account, but they haven't.

    Either my phone is in the most unexpected place (I have spent ~10 hours in total searching and trying to track usage/ID of person).

    The only other thing I can think of to check is changes in the apps on the phone, which is connected to my google account (I still have control over that).

    As far as I know, there is no way for me to access information on which apps are associated with my google account.

    If someone has my phone, they could have done a lot more with it. But it seems as though there is no trace of its usage. I offered a monetary reward of $300 via a text message and did everything in my power to get a response, but to no avail.

    Is my phone in deep hiding (I have spent hours methodically searching) or is it in the possession of someone else?

    Any comments/advice are appreciated.

  2. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Generally, from experience, if someone else had your phone, they would have taken full advantage of it. Chances are, if there was no response to the text you sent and the usage of the phone didn't skyrocket, it's either sitting in a lost and found somewhere or it's still somewhere near you.
  3. crazysoccerman14

    crazysoccerman14 Well-Known Member

    I have done about everything I can think of.

    I had dropped the phone a while ago and it killed pixels on the top left of the screen, making a black semicircle.

    I checked ebay and craigslist for a phone matching that description. Nothing.

    ^^I hope you're right. If someone would steal a phone, chances are they would be more than willing to run up the bills. Maybe they sold it immediately. Idk. This is a sort of last attempt at finding it.
  4. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Like I said, it might be in a lost and found somewhere. Have you tried going to the grocery store and other places to make sure no one turned it in?

    Also, cell phones like to hide under car seats... Not sure why, but when I lose mine, it'll turn up there most of the time.
  5. crazysoccerman14

    crazysoccerman14 Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your advice. I'm at a university so I take the bus everywhere. I have gone to the mass transit department's office a few times. And as always with employees of publicly-funded establishments, I was treated as though I was wasting their air. NO HELP AT ALL. They said they get rid of phones after two weeks. I asked them what they do with them and they just looked at each other and said they didn't know...

    I should probably hang around there and listen for my ring tone lol

    It would be easier for me to accept a stranger keeping my phone. However, I also share the apartment with three other guys. I was in such a rush to finish up my project and gather computer equipment that I may have left my phone on the coffee table in a room everyone passes through or it may have fallen out of my adidas pants while on the bus. All I know is that when I arrived at my destination I didn't have my phone.

    If someone has it, they basically know the ins and outs of my life. If someone I know starts looking at me strangely for apparently no reason, I will know they have my phone lol
  6. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Lol, well, if you had any kind of insurance or warranty on the phone, you could try calling Verizon and talk them into giving you another phone at a discounted price...

    Edit: Also, where are you located? The douchebag MTA office story sounds amazingly familiar ;)
  7. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    Just a thought from what you said about dropping it and killing a pixel. Maybe when you "lost" it. You have dropped it again and this time it truely broke. But someone picked it up and said hey a free cell phone only to get it home to find it was broken and just tossed it. But like I said just a thought.
  8. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    That would actually make sense...

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