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How can I tell what version I'm running?

  1. bennygibbs

    bennygibbs Member

    Forgive the naivity of this question, but I've just got myself an HTC Hero on the Orange network (UK) and want to sign up to an Exchange service that requires Android v 2.0 or later. How can I find whether I'm running this version? The firmware version (in settings) says 1.5, but the phone seems to support Exchange email accounts. If it is on 1.5, how can I upgrade (for free)?

  2. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    The 1.5 you are seeing is the version of the Android OS. THe Hero (in all it's forms on all networks) currently only has 1.5 availible (offically). HTC will be releasing a free update to upgrade us to 2.0 or 2.1, but so far the latest rumours are that it won't be until middle of february.

    Android 1.5 does have limited support for exchange accounts, but from the sounds of it it doesn't do what you need. There are methods of adding custom ROM's to your phone to get the upgrades via an unoffical route, but this does void any warrenty you may have (and can, in some circumstances break your phone beyond repair if done incorrectly).
  3. bennygibbs

    bennygibbs Member

    That's useful ... many thanks. I'll quiz the prospective Exchange host further and may need to wait a month or so then ... gcal and gmail it is for now then!

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