How Can I Tether My LTE Galaxy Nexus With My Galaxy Nexus 7?

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  1. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    So, I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE and I would like to access the internet on my Galaxy Nexus 7 with the LTE in my phone.'

    How can I do this?

  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    If you have a limited data plan, you could use the native tethering built into the android os without any problems. If you have an unlimited data plan, you're "suppose" to sign up for the 30 dollar/month unlimited tethering plan that verizon offers. There are ways to circumvent this such as installing a custom rom, or downloading an app that provides tethering such as FoxFi. Just be aware that if verizon catches you tethering on an unlimited data plan without the appropriate tether plan, then there could be consequences; such as them taking your unlimited data away since you broke the terms of agreement.
  3. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    I put FoxFi on my phone, and I was able to connect the tablet to it, but I wasn't able to really pick anything up online. When I shut the Wi-Fi off on my phone, I had minimal success.

    Are there specific settings I should be running? Thank you.

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