How can I turn off notification sound for email?Support

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  1. UpOn2

    UpOn2 Member

    Read all the instructions, searched this forum, can't seem to find anyway to eliminate the Notification sound for incoming e-mail. A real pain at night and I've only had this one night.

    Anyone figured out how to turn it off?

  2. Rob_B

    Rob_B Member

    open the email app, touch the "menu" key, touch "more", touch "settings" then scroll down to uncheck email notification.
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  3. UpOn2

    UpOn2 Member


    Thank you. I knew there had to be a way besides just turning down the volume. In my case I'm using Yahoo Mail so I had to select Yahoo Mail, menu, options, General Settings and uncheck Notification Sounds....You pointed me in the right direction. Apprecitate it!
  4. DaveE

    DaveE New Member

    I have done this but I still get a notification sound when the first new email comes in. Every email after that does not a make a sound. Is there some system notification that is doing this in spite of email settings?

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