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How can I turn the recovery mode on on a Lenovo S890 ?

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  1. tofolihk

    tofolihk New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to turn my lenovo s890 bought in CHina in recovery mode, I can't make it.

    Any idea how to do that ?

    What I've tried so far :
    - Power off the phone
    - unplug the battery
    - plug the battery
    - hold teh power button few seconds
    - press the volume up & volume down right away

    But not successful ??

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    hmm, are you sure you have been persistent about it.

    Like hold the Volume Up/Down then press power, and hold it.

    If you do it just a bit wrong it wont register and won't boot into recovery.

    Also why are you trying to boot into Recovery?
  3. tofolihk

    tofolihk New Member

    I managed to boot in "Fatory mode"
    I want to completely reset this phone as it can't boot anymore. I may have deleted wrong android files in root mode.

    BTW, do you know where can I find a ROW rom for this phone ? the one from Lenovo sucks.
  4. asifsamad

    asifsamad New Member


    Was just going inquire regarding the phone, in general how is it?

    Battery life (wish they would come out with a larger one)
    GPS (w/o internet)
    Screen appearance.
    Front Camera
    Does it work on your network (3g) as heard some things regarding issues with networks and how is signal for network and Wifi

    Thanks for any feedback
  5. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have searched and really cannot find much support for this device as it really isn't that popular, so sorry but no i have no idea.

    Just be wary that this device, as i stated above, does not have much developer support, so in the case of the OP there really isn't much we can do for him.
  6. tofolihk

    tofolihk New Member

    To answer :

    Battery Life is ok
    GPS : Does not work outside of China. I guess it's more a software issue than an hardware issue.
    Screen is quite good compare to my Iphone 3GS
    3G and Wifi no problem at all.

    This phone is good from an hardware point of view but really bad from a software point of view as Lenovo has its own layer on top of Android ICS and it's full of Chinese.

    Any idea where can I find a ROW ROM for this mobile phone Lenovo S890 ?
  7. theogene

    theogene New Member


    I bought also a s890 from China,

    Now I stuck and I can't boot anymore...

    Tofolihk did you succeeded to do something to recover ?

    Many thanks

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