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  1. surferzach

    surferzach New Member

    Hi all. I just got my Razr M, had the original Incredible for over 2 years, and I love the phone so far untill......I went on Chrome and found I couldn't watch flash embedded videos. I googled it and saw that flash isn't supported anymore by chrome, tried firefox and opera with no joy. Does anyone know what or how I can be able to watch flash videos on the Razr M?

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

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  3. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, surferzach! Yeah, Chrome won't support Flash. I see a lot of people use the Boat browser to watch flash content.
  4. TT1080i

    TT1080i Well-Known Member

    I also came from an incredible 2 to the M.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried installing flash.
    When I heard that it was being not supported anymore I saved the apk from my last phone.
    I was just wondering if anyone has tried installing flash and getting it to work with chrome?

    I just read the link provided by "kadimi"....
    so what is googles plan for viewing web videos besides utube?
  5. surferzach

    surferzach New Member

    So I found a way in case anyone is interested. I initially found out about not having flash by trying to go to (a friend told me to check it out). After trying many different things, I went back to and clicked the link to download flash. This link actually brought up flash player 11 in google play even though I couldn't get to it in the Play store before. I downloaded and installed it, tried downloading a few browsers (Dolphin, sky, etc) but they would not pull up true desktop sites 100% of the time. Downloaded Firefox, enabled the flash add-on, and there it is....regular working browser.

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