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how can l annotate pdf filesGeneral

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  1. ayman10

    ayman10 Active Member

    I think this was asked before, but i still can not find an answer

    My s note app doesnt have import function, just export

    Also I can not find a proper app in the app store

    Ez pdf doesnt show in my search list

  2. sib0rg

    sib0rg Well-Known Member

    Not sure how much function you want out of this, but I can annotate PDF's. (Very basically)

    I open them in Adobe Reader (App) and then hit the pen and bubble icon in the top right hand corner. Then select the pen icon from the drop-down bar.

    If you have the option to annotate in word format using polaris office you seem to have more options regarding pens and colours etc. and then can convert this to pdf.

  3. blink182

    blink182 Well-Known Member

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