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How can we batch delete Gmail on Droid???Support

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  1. bimerguy

    bimerguy Well-Known Member

    I want to delete 100's of e-mails in my gmail account on the Droid without selecting each and every one and don't find a batch operation like k9 does and need help in how to perform batch-type deletes.

    As an example, say I want to find certain emails and then select all and then choose what to do with that grouped selection like delete or move to a folder but HOW???

    Thanks any advice...

  2. skyline987

    skyline987 Well-Known Member

    theres a check mark to the left of each email. push the check mark to group select and then at the bottom of the screen a menu comes up letting you archive, change labels or delete
  3. bimerguy

    bimerguy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I understand the "single" selection procedure and that's way I hoped for a batch selection like select all after a search for a large group of emails that I want to delete, archive, change labels, etc.

    Am I missing the obvious way to select many e-mails(50-100) without having to selelct each one with the "single" check method?

    Thanks again.
  4. nycebo

    nycebo Well-Known Member

    In the Gmail app, hit the menu button -> settings -> make sure that batch operations checkbox is checked.
  5. DroidSloth

    DroidSloth Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is any way to do this. I just poked around and did some searching. There is no way to select a bunch at once. Once you have a few selected there is a "Deselect all" button, but no select all when you have your search results back. If you really need to search for and delete 100+ emails, just wait til next time you are on a real computer.
  6. bimerguy

    bimerguy Well-Known Member

    I tried deleting a bunch on the web gmail acct and waiting to see if it deleted them on my phone to avoid the deletion process on my phone and it did not change anything on the phone. Do I need to change a gmail setting to make this gmail sync?
  7. skyline987

    skyline987 Well-Known Member

    i just tried deleting on my pc and the phone didnt update immediately. i hit menu -> refresh and they disappeared. they would probably go away by themselves next time gmail pushes an email to the droid.
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  8. arahman95

    arahman95 New Member

    ok well i dnt understand any of the conversation going on here...i really need help. i basically backup my sms on a gmail account and it was all grouped, for example i sent 90 texts to a friend yesterday then all those txts wud be grouped together...i think thats called threading or something. i dnt knw. and well i went on the settings on my gmail app on my phone and i clicked on somthing and all my sms's opened up and now they arent grouped. its really weird.

    does anyone knw how to set everything to how it was before? i will appreciate any replies that may help me. thank you.

    and also wat does "Batch operations" mean and how does it work?

    thanks so much to anyone who replies. :D xxx
  9. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    This really should be in its own thread as it is not related to the topic in this thread.
  10. jghj897

    jghj897 Member

    that with all the improvements made, this batch delete is still not there! it continually wastes my time also. surely they know about this problem...
  11. kuehnel16

    kuehnel16 New Member

    This is first smartphone and I need help with my gmail. I have a HTC 3- D.
    I have over 1000 spam messages. Is there a way to empty the
    Whole folder at once?
    Thank you .kuehnel16

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