how did you start programming for android?General

  1. Dixi1801

    Dixi1801 Well-Known Member

    I'm wanting to learn to program on android, but I'm a total noob to programming!

    I've tinkered with HTML a while ago, and made a temperature converter in C++ following a guide, but apart from that, no experience!

    i'm just wondering how the DHD community learned to program, and if they could recommend some books or whatever :)


  2. hero_101

    hero_101 Well-Known Member

  3. Dixi1801

    Dixi1801 Well-Known Member

    oh wow! thanks a lot!

    i think i might read into java at a later date, would like to contribute to roms and such!
  4. JSLEnterprises

    JSLEnterprises Well-Known Member

    Two things I highly recommend learning

    Scripting in Linux, and Java programming (not javascript, thats a sub of java though)

    and learn to think in logic. :)
  5. Dixi1801

    Dixi1801 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot! I've been using that app inventor too, unbelievably fun!
  6. RED_

    RED_ Well-Known Member

    Didn't know about that app inventor thingy, cheers for that. I started with Eclipse where i had orignally learnt Java so it sort of worked out hand in hand. Just used the tutorials that google give you and then other via youtube and stackoverflow. Good for all sorts of programming.
  7. JSLEnterprises

    JSLEnterprises Well-Known Member

    Also, Best code text based editor i've ever used.

    I've been using this since it first came out, when I was still a freshman in college taking software engineering.

    Notepad++ Home

    some of you may find it handy
  8. Dixi1801

    Dixi1801 Well-Known Member

    oh cool, thanks!

    wish i was a software engineer lol :p always been interested im just impatient with the learning process!
  9. JSLEnterprises

    JSLEnterprises Well-Known Member

    eh, everything I learned was either out of date (RPG, CL Programming for the AS400 systems, Old C) or not geared towards whats wanted in today's industry. I could have learned everything on my own. lol
  10. RedSun

    RedSun Active Member

    i am going to teach myself to code for apps too. my history starts with assembly (lol who KNOWS what that is?), pascal, c, c++, VB6, VBA. vba is what i use mostly in my office enviroment as i do a lot of complex crap with excel and access and my knowlege of java can fit into a coke can with room left over for coke and ice!

    thanks all for the links as it looks like i will be spending a lot of time learning a new language.
  11. JSLEnterprises

    JSLEnterprises Well-Known Member

    Its actually quite close to RPG and CL.

    ... but atleast it aint punch cards! LMFAO!!!
  12. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    I have used many, and my favourite is Editpad Pro
  13. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

    I'd make everyone learn to program in machine code. Assemblers are for people who can't remember a full set of hexadecimal machine instruction codes and don't like doing base 16 arithmetic or manually calculating jump offsets.

    p.s. I've long since moved on from punch cards - if you can afford a teletype terminal, paper tape is a much better way to go.

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