How do apps survive reboot if they live in RAM?

  1. bamboos

    bamboos Member

    On Hero, do the apps reside in RAM? If so, how do they survive reboot?

    Appreciate your help...



  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    It's NV(Non Volatile)RAM which retains the data when power is switched off, rather than the normal S/DRAM which 'forgets' it as soon as it loses power. It's basically the same stuff used in flash memory cards such as the SDHCs used for expansion in the Hero.
  3. bamboos

    bamboos Member

    Cool! Thanx for clearing this up for me. It just kept bugging me is all..
  4. bamboos

    bamboos Member

    A follow up question, if I may...

    What is the I/O speed difference between the onboard RAM and the fastest SD (Class 6 ??)


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