How Do I Access The Slot Cycle Index On Sprint Galaxy Nexus?Support

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  1. stevenva

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    I'm sick of missing calls. By the time I get my phone out of my pocket it's already gone into voicemail. I have called Sprint and they gave me my MSL# with no problem. I just don't know how to change it from the default of 2 to 1. I'm aware that battery life will decrease but I can live with that. Does anyone have the procedure. Thanks.

  2. stevenva

    stevenva Member

    I went to Sprint, called advanced customer care from there and he tried to walk me through the process.

    • type in *#*#3282#*#* as if it were a phone number
    • The data screen will open after hitting the final star symbol
    • select edit and "check MSL" screen appears
    • Tap on the blinking cursor and the keypad will open, type in the MSL password-(the MSL password can be obtained from Sprint customer service)
    • Data Programming screen will open
    • Select advanced
    • This is where the option should be to modify Slot Cycle Index

    In my case the option is not there. I am screwed. I was doing this while I was on the phone with advanced customer care. According to him, My only options are to root the phone or add a custom ringtone MP3 that plays long enough for me to answer calls before voicemail kicks in. He caught himself and instantly said that I should not root the phone. (I guess he remembered that they record the conversations)

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