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hOw do i add lyrics to mp3 songs?

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  1. GwenKillerby

    GwenKillerby Member

    So yes, this is pretty much the question:
    How do I add lyrics to mp3 songs, and then of course view them while I play the songs on my phone?? What app is good for that??

    There are 2 problems or steps
    1. Adding lyrics to any mp3 file
    2. Getting the lyrics to display or show on the phone, while playing the song.

    My phone has no internet connection(hardware problem) so I thought I might add the lyrics using my pc, then transfer the songs to my phone and then play the song. I also have hundreds of lyrics already in text files etc.

    I have a samsung galaxy mini, android 2.2+
    I've looked around, but no luck so far.

    So far, i've tried Astro Player, TuneWiki (that one almost worked but then crapped out), Mixzing, Poweramp and Player Pro. Nothing

    Astro Player: I know how to show the lyrics, but i don't know how to add the lyrics to the mp3
    Tunewiki worked just once, I installed it on my PC, then I opened a song, and started syncing and adding the lyrics but it refused to store the edited mp3-file. And now it doesn't even open any mp3-file any more.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    1. Add lyrics using Tagscanner on your PC.

    2. Play on a music app that can show the lyrics. Once the lyrics are added PowerAmp can show them. Basically it did not show lyrics on your device before because there were no existing lyrics in the file.
  3. GwenKillerby

    GwenKillerby Member

    I KNOW there ARE lyrics in the mp3 file, but PowerAmp didn't show them,

    anyways, where can i upload that song, so you can see for yourself?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can see the song if it has lyrics embedded using tagscanner on a PC as well. And may i ask how you know there is a lyric embedded? Tunewiki will show you lyrics even if there aren't any in the file because it will match the song title and artist and download lyrics on the fly, but it will not save the lyrics. On power amp you have to enable it to show the embedded lyrics.

    If you have a Dropbox account you can post the link to your file here. Out maybe you can attach it to your post.
  5. GwenKillerby

    GwenKillerby Member

  6. GwenKillerby

    GwenKillerby Member

    Yes, you may ask??? ask!

    I've added lyrics to this song, but I can't see the lyrics.

    I converted the mp3 to the same bitrate 128 kbs, and then I could see the lyrics.

    It's a weird solution and time consuming.

    please help.

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