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How do i add reboot and recovery button to power menu

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  1. AndroidHogs

    AndroidHogs Well-Known Member

    I have followed the instructions on xda but I keep getting boot loops. Phone LG optimus MS690 running froyo 2.2.1. Can someone please help me. I edited the framework-res.apk and android.policy, framework.jar. I even tried another tutorial that just works with the android.policy.jar and framework-res.apk but can't figure it out. Please someone help me...

  2. zota13

    zota13 New Member

  3. creed10

    creed10 Well-Known Member

    If you're rooted, you can install xposed framework, which works WONDERS!! just install the framework, reboot, activate your modules, reboot again, and voila! Install a module called advanced power menu. You don't need to modify framework-res and all that crap. :)
    You can find it on xda or at their website: xposed.info
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