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  1. tommydst

    tommydst New Member

    I have a new T-Mobile Vivacity, my first touch screen phone. I can't work out how to bring up the keyboard during a call (when you get 'Key 1 for ..., 2 for.....etc). Can anybody help?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It's a different handset, but on mine, there's a key in the bottom right hand corner. If you struggle a little bit, it does look like a keyboard with a little arrow on it?
  3. tommydst

    tommydst New Member

    Thanks for that, the important thing is to select the keypad before dialling, you can't select it afterwards.
  4. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    I have a TMV. Long press on the menu button (3 horizontal lines) brings up the qwerty keyboard (I presume that's what you meant?)

    To bring up the dialing pad there's a big button next to the red end call button labelled "Dialing pad".
  5. filbert

    filbert Active Member

    I have an SF2 and there is also a button for dialling pad next to the end call button.

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