how do i change the order of words offered by predictive text on magic?Support

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  1. hondaguy

    hondaguy Well-Known Member

    i love my phone, but the suggestions offered by predictive text drives me crazy sometimes! i would like to know how i change the order of the suggested words? for example, when i am using the t9 keyboard and i have predictive text on and i press #4 and #3 i am usually trying to type the word "if" or "he" but the word typed is "id" which is kinda stupid as this is a much less often used word. how do i change it this?

    when i was using a s60 device i could open a new message and keep typing the same word over and over again until it started giving me the word i wanted as my first option.

    any help would be appreciated, but please dont tell me to use the full keyboard as i prefer to use the phone keypad so i can text one-handed.


  2. hondaguy

    hondaguy Well-Known Member

    any thoughts?
  3. samuelmaskell

    samuelmaskell Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering that myself..
  4. slapshot2940

    slapshot2940 Member

    Ah, this has been driving me crazy too!

    Anyone found an answer?
  5. Tander

    Tander New Member

    It would be great to have the HTC MyTouch's suggestions system! Sometimes I write stuff in Spanish and of course it totally misunderstands every single word. When I had the HTC MyTouch it preferred the "weird" word I was writing before changing it to an English word!

    Let me know if you find a solution!!!
  6. kewist

    kewist New Member

    It would be great if Android used frequency of actual use to promote the words used most often to the front of the list for ease of access. I can't tell you how many times I've sent the word 'of' instead of 'me' and 'if' instead of 'he'.

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