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How do I close the internet browser???Support

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  1. JBea

    JBea Member

    I have no idea how to close it. I know how to move to other screens but when I go back to the internet browser, all the windows I have open are still there. I have been able to close all but the last one. How do I close it completly?


  2. trinitys_mate

    trinitys_mate Member

    Iv been thinking the same thing
  3. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    not sure you can. one window does stay open even after you swap apps via long press home button.
  4. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    It's been explained to me that when you navigate away from the browser, it's essentially closed. Windows Mobile had stuff running in the background and running down your battery, active memory. Apparently Android is different and instead of leaving an app open it basically takes a snapshot of whatever state it was in when you last had it open and closes it. Thus when you open it back up, it goes back to where you left off.
  5. JBea

    JBea Member

    Thanks for the explanation. I thought it might have been draining the battery or something.
  6. Sumukharaj

    Sumukharaj New Member

    But the app killer shows the browser in the list of running apps even after I exit using the home button. Explain that
  7. farnazg

    farnazg New Member

    there are actually 2 ways of doing it.
    but first you need to change the way you think about the browser. Don't think of it as 'exiting' like closing a computer browser, just think of it as 'leaving'.
    1 - When you're done with the browser, press the home key.
    2 - you can press the menu button and then tap on X to close every open window, when you reached the firs page just press the back button and go to home page .

    Android doesn't really ever close the programs you open, you can try using a task manager if you really feel the need to close the program, but some people don't recommend it .
  8. MtoniusJFunkel

    MtoniusJFunkel New Member

    What I've been doing is just tapping the back button until eventually it goes back to the home screen. Thanks all above for the additional info on this curious affair.
  9. pjfarr

    pjfarr New Member

    This is something that drove me nuts for the first few weeks of using Android (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10). I had no experience with Android or tablets at the time and found it very counter-intuitive (in comparison to Windows). The lack of a close button seemed an idiotic UI design. I resigned myself to just hitting "Back" until all open windows were gone, like many others were doing.

    Here's the obscure, undocumented answer I finally found via a very determined Google search: Press and HOLD the "HOME" button and a Task Manager window will pop up with two tabs: Active Applications and RAM Manager. "Active Applications" is usually the default tab, but if not just tap the heading to get there and you'll see thumbnails of all currently open apps/windows. Tapping a thumbnail will switch that app/window to the forefront. Tapping the "X" in the upper right of the thumbnail will close the window, even if it's not the frontmost window. You can also close all open apps/windows at once using the "END ALL" button in the bottom right. To clear the RAM, switch to the "RAM Manager" tab and click the button.

    Amazing that there is no documentation for this in the manual or many of the online resources seeing as how so many people are complaining about it. So glad I found this and wanted to share it.
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  10. thepowell

    thepowell New Member

    Except... sometimes I get stuck in an infinite loop of page warnings. I don't have a data plan, so it's WiFi only. If the connection drops, and I'm on a page just after one in which I had filled out a form or selected from drop-down menus, when I try to back out to the Home screen, I get stuck on an infinite loop of warning messages about "failed attempts to re-send data". I can still get elsewhere through the apps menu, but it's damned inconvenient.

    Also, on that note: wouldn't doing that - just leaving the browser open and opening other apps - eat into my data plan, if I had one?
  11. TinaTeenaTean

    TinaTeenaTean New Member

    Many thanks, PJ! This was exactly what we were looking for. Brilliant! :)
  12. FreaKnight

    FreaKnight New Member

    Sorry, but I just have to get this off my chest. I think that this is an good example of "do not fix what ain't broke." I can't see what is wrong with having a little button in the corner that ends the app, instead of having to press multiple buttons or trusting that the os will do it.

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