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how do i connect my phone to the laptop????

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  1. kelly1989

    kelly1989 Member

    how do i connect my phone to the laptop????? :confused::confused::confused:

  2. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    Please be more detailed. What OS are you running on the laptop, have you installed HTC Sync ?
  3. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    Use the microUSB/USB cable that came with the phone?
  4. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

  5. kelly1989

    kelly1989 Member

    i tryed using tht but it didnt work but its worker nw
  6. Limey

    Limey Member

    Kelly I had that problem too for a bit as all the other phones I've had have just found the computer and run the software they needed. With my Tattoo I connect it via the usb cable then "usb to pc" which is in the programs screen on the phone. No problems since :)
  7. ReeceSonne

    ReeceSonne New Member

    I had forgotten about that cute little icon. I hope it works! Thanks so much ~

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