how do i copy my contacts from phone memory to sim ?

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  1. robadub

    robadub Active Member

    sorry for the noob question

    having trouble adding contacts as favorites though so wondering if i do the above it might make any difference

    thanks in advance

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Open Contacts ... Find the contact you want to add to favorites ...

    Long-Press that contact ... a popup list of options will appear

    Click on Add to Favorites ... Done ! ?

    Or repeat for other contacts ...
  3. robadub

    robadub Active Member

    yeh thanks just me being a bit stupid with that one !

    still cant figure out how to save all my contacts on to my sim instead of phone memory though ?
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    put you SIM in an Old style phone that allows exporting the sim to a csv ... then take that csv file and import it into your Google Contacts on the PC first ... let the sync take place between PC and phone ...
  5. robadub

    robadub Active Member

    how do i move a contact from phone contacts to google contacts ?
  6. Lord60

    Lord60 New Member

    Spread the word, it's here. I am currently using a MyTouch 3G, and several months ago was using the G1. One of the things that drove me completely insane was the inability to copy newly created contacts onto my sim card like I could previously do with other phones. Couldn't be done.. until now. Just found an app in the market called "Contact to Sim" by happydroid. The application description reads:

    This application copies your contacts to the sim card, for use in another phone. Useful when you want to use a dumbphone for sports or backup. Note: the simcard is limited both in number of entries and length of the names, which may be truncated.

    Spread the word. I've seen literally HUNDREDS of sites where people are asking how to do this.
  7. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    I've just installed this but am not sure if it is working - after running it when I go to People and select view sim contacts it is still showing zero?
  8. Eigo_Ltd

    Eigo_Ltd New Member

    There is a free application called "Merge Contact" that allows you to copy your phone number from a Phone contact to a Google contact on HTC Hero. You can download it from the Market or see details about it here :

    Hope that helps someone, I wrote it because I had the same problem :)
  9. gilk

    gilk New Member

    This app. is no more on the market... :-(
    any other option?
    I have a slight different problem. I have my contacts on the SIM, using my PC with Linux, and it will be good if I can copy all contacts to a file or Google...

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