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Support How do I copy or move files?

  1. brick75

    brick75 New Member

    Recently got a Razr M that's running Ice Cream Sandwich. I haven't been able to move files from a folder on the phone's memory over to the SD card. I found instructions on how to do it from Motorola.....long press the file to move/copy, press the move or copy button, go to destination folder and press paste.

    Sounds simple enough and that all works fine until I get to the destination folder and the paste option is nowhere to be found. After I press the copy or move button in the source folder, the word paste appears in the top right of the screen, but as soon as I back out to go to the destination folder, it changes back to a star. Anyone know how to pull this off? I'd prefer not to download a separate file manager app if possible. Thanks

  2. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    After you select "copy", on the upper left corner, you use the "drop down" menu to find the destination folder, then hit "Paste". There is a little (very tiny) arrow type thing in the box indicating the pull down menu. The arrow thing is in the lower right of the box.
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  3. brick75

    brick75 New Member

    Ah, perfect. Thanks for your help. Would be nice if this was a bit more intuitive, or at least detailed out in their instructions!


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