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How do I delete and completely remove the preinstalled FACEBOOK Application from my HTC Hero?

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  1. kct-htc

    kct-htc New Member

    How do you delete and completely remove the preinstalled FACEBOOK Application from a HTC Hero Android phone?

    I just got my Sprint HTC Hero Android phone and I noticed that it comes preloaded with FACEBOOK. While I know that most people would consider that great, I don't. Do to my job, I am prohibited from using FACEBOOK or MYSPACE and therefore, would have absolutly no use for the application. Please let me know how I can safely delete it so that I can free up memory on my HTC Hero. Thanks

  2. hood420

    hood420 Well-Known Member

    You must first root your phone, then remove the app through adb. Here's a guide as to how to remove the apps once you're rooted and it tells you what apps are safe to remove.

    APPS that are SAFE to remove - xda-developers
  3. kct-htc

    kct-htc New Member

    hood420...thanks for the info, however, I am not a real IT Tech so I do not know how to get to the 'root'.

    Is there anyother way to delete the app? Or at least could you or someone else give me futher instruction on how to get to the 'root'. Thanks.
  4. hood420

    hood420 Well-Known Member

  5. kct-htc

    kct-htc New Member

    hood420...thanks again for responding so quickly, however, it seems that I am stuck. Firmware version 2.1 was installed on my Hero at the Sprint Store when I bought the phone. Also, I am not completely sure that this is true, but in chatting with some of my 'Techy' friends, I was told that FACEBOOK is Hard Coded into the current operating system and that if I did some how find a way to remove FACEBOOK from the device, doing so would either completely crash the operating system, or destablize it.

    Therefore, it seems that I am stuck with FACEBOOK on my HTC Hero whether I want it or not. Grrrrrr....:mad:. Sorry...:rolleyes: I just hate the fact that I am stuck with software that I have ABSOLUTLY NO intention of EVER using and it is simply taking up memory on my phone that could be used for something that I would use.

    Thanks for all of you attempted help though.

    @#$%& Facebook! :mad:
  6. Droid_Ninja

    Droid_Ninja Well-Known Member

    I tried doing this on my Rooted Droid, but keeps telling me "read only" files. I am trying unistall voicerecorder.apk and the MusicGoogle.apk. The Voiverecoder.apk came with the Current Rom I am on. O`well
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Mark the folder/ file as R/W to delete it. I use Root Explorer and click the R/W icon at the top when in the folder and delete whatever I want - I am on a Milestone.
  8. jkeese128

    jkeese128 New Member

    Can anyone please, please help????? Following a Droid update last week, I am now receiving "An error has occurred while fetching data" when I try to access my Facebook account from my Droid. Other people can use my phone and access their accounts without problems. I have contacted Verizon several times to be told that it is a Facebook problem. ANY advice will be appreciated as I have tried many troubleshooting tips without success. :confused:
  9. CirkDroid

    CirkDroid Well-Known Member

    How about you just don't login to facebook on the phone?

    Also, your company can't prohibit you from using a social network site on your off hours. They might make you think they can, but they can't.

    Do you live in a fascist country or something? Your English is pretty good, so I'm fairly confident you are in a free thinking society, but stranger things have happened.
  10. rabbit74

    rabbit74 New Member

  11. grainna

    grainna New Member

    im 11 years old and i am getting a htc wildfire accept my mum isnt very happy tht it has facebook, twitter, and flickr. i was wondering how do you uninstall it but could you maybe get a person ina phone shop to do it orrr what?:p


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