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  1. archrist

    archrist New Member

    I purchased a slightly used phone. The phone has over 100 contacts from previous person, as well as a bunch of the cooler appls. installed, etc. I really did not want to 'reset' to factory defaults and erase everything. Anyone know how to delete all the contacts.. yet keep other stuff on phone?

  2. deedend

    deedend Member

    But... You use the gmail account of the person that have sell the phone to you? :confused:
  3. androidtapp

    androidtapp Member

    You might have to do a factory reset because the prior owners Gmail contacts are associated with that phone. Not only will you be able to see their Gmail thru the device, but you cant get your own. Thus, you can not edit our own Contacts, Calendar, use your own Gtalk, etc. It will always be theirs :(
  4. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    identity fraud ftl...
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  5. derkk

    derkk Active Member

    Sync the phone with your GMAIL contacts. In order to do this (re register with your gmail) you will need the application 'AnyCut', which is probably already there.

    Long Press on the Desktop
    Setup Wizard

    Run that shortcut and it will go thru the process for linking your gmail account. If you don't have one, get one, and put your contacts on your gmail.

    Easy as Pie

    You can ALSO do this:

    Manager Applications
    Clear Data

    This will clear all contacts.

    Actually I would do this before you do the Setup Wizard. You don't want to import all his contacts into your gmail. :)
  6. sherifffruitfly

    sherifffruitfly New Member

    You do NOT have to do a factory reset. This method has been confirmed:
  7. sriramv.iyer

    sriramv.iyer New Member

    We know the code is trivial :p

    You can now search for "Delete Contacts" in Android market and install the program. It gives you an option to delete contacts with a particular name / pattern or delete all contacts.

    Make life a little easy for developers and for people who messed up their phone book.

    Sriram V Iyer
    United Mobile Apps
  8. Johnnie 1234

    Johnnie 1234 New Member

    If you need to delete all contacts or contacts that have duplicates this is what you do. Go to contacts
    Do not select any one contact hit the button on the lower left corner to display the delete window.
    Select delete and you will then be able to select any or all the contacts for deleting.
    Hope this helps.

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