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How do i find out how many minutes/texts i have left?Support

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  1. lucyyoung

    lucyyoung New Member

    I`m on a monthly contract and need to make sure i dont go over my 100 minutes.Where do i find this?I cant see it in call history....

  2. xuerebx

    xuerebx Member

    I assume you check with your local provider..

    I login and check on the vodafone website for example.
  3. lynne7

    lynne7 New Member

    Hello this is my first post on the forum but wanted to say that I'm also on Vodafone contract and if you check their website it tells you what number to ring from your mobile and they then text you back in a couple of minutes with the details. I've saved this number to my contacts, though I doubt I'll ever get anywhere near my limit on either calls or texts lol

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