How do I get ereader files on my streakSupport

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  1. designermama

    designermama New Member

    I am very new to owning a "tablet". I have the Dell Streak 7. I have both the Nook and Kindle apps on it. I was given a disc from a friend though with lots of free books. I cannot figure out how to put them on the Streak though. They are in the Mobi format but I can change that. I tried moving the files over to the streak on my computer but when I am on the streak I cannot find them. I put an ereader app on the streak but cannot figure out how to add the book files to it. Please help! :confused:

  2. afrats

    afrats New Member

    Not sure if you figured this out, but the books are not about being on the Streak as much as they are in your Amazon Kindle account. You don't need them on the Streak. What you need to figure out how to do is to get them into your online account. Let me know how you do this.

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