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how do i get hotmail junk mail folderSupport

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  1. fumusic

    fumusic Active Member

    i have set up the stock mail app on my desire to receive my hotmail account mail. however i only have access to the inbox folder. is there a way to get access to my junk mail folder and trash folder? thanks for any help.

  2. funkmuncha

    funkmuncha Well-Known Member

    hey, i also use hotmail and the stock email app (which i think keeps mein touch quite nicely) and i just thought that all emails, junk or not, come into the inbox on the desire...
  3. AceMathias

    AceMathias Well-Known Member

    Can't remember off the top of my head and am using gmail now anyway, but i thought you just press the menu button and choose folders. It should then give you options for, sent, trash, junk as well as inbox.
    I now forward all my hotmail to gmail since i couldn't view any of my other folders, which i used for storing and filtering email.

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