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How do I get rid of "stock" apps?

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  1. So some idiot thinks it'd be cool if I had apps like Corporate Calendar, Amazon MP3, blah blah blah. Is there a way I can delete apps that just came on my phone so my menu is not 10 pages long? I hate clutter. Thanks.

    On somewhat the same note, the Verizon rep says to download Advanced Task Killer. Even when I kill some of these things they are immediately re-starting up. Then I thought I read somewhere that I shouldn't have ATK on my Android phone. Anyone wanna share the real deal? Thanks again.

  2. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Well-Known Member

    Just do some reading in the forum here. Plenty of posts about "rooting" the Ally, uninstalling apps and more.
  3. gndmepyon

    gndmepyon Well-Known Member

    Root then load TiBu and use it to uninstall the offending apps.

    Android doesn't "technically" need a Task Killer. But I keep one installed just in case I run into a badly coded app that doesn't close properly.
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  4. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

  5. Thank you all for your help. I read 2+ pages of the Ally forum and the Apps forum and didn't find anything. So this may be a silly question, but I can only do all of this if I root my phone, is that right?
  6. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    Yes that is correct you must be rooted.
  7. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    For those that do not want to delete the apk but move it to your sdcard here's a quick guide.

    Android Ally Tips Section

    Look at the Removing System APK's section.

    That will move the apk to your sdcard instead of deleting it.

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