how do i get ringtones to work

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  1. huffman6977

    huffman6977 Well-Known Member

    when i download ringtones they come in as .dm files. how do i get them to work. i used to just go to the internet and get them from the download history, but i lost all that when i ruu'd my phone. i have astro but can not play them from my card, so i can not add them as ringtones.

  2. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    First off, You should make your own ringtones, I don't even think the Hero will play .dm files.

    Second, it WILL play mp3 files as your ringtones.

    Use Goldwave or some other music editing program to make the tones, save them as mp3's.

    Plug your phone into the computer, change the connection type to disc drive.


    It'll probably be "Removable Disc F:\" or something like that, In that folder you need to create a folder called "media" and inside the media folder create 3 folders: ringtones alarms and notifications

    Then move/save your ringtones that you made into whichever one you want them for, notifications are your voicemails, sms, e-mails, etc. and the other 2 just speak for themself.

    If you need anything else, let me or someone else here know, Welcome to the forums!
  3. huffman6977

    huffman6977 Well-Known Member

    yes it does play .dm files. i had to make them ringtones from the internet downloads section. thanks for the info and i will do what you suggest, it just sucks cause i have lots of ringtones that i can't use anymore lol.
  4. zx12richard

    zx12richard Well-Known Member

    Once again someone says get an app. Load any mp3 you have or like in your phone. Use your factory ringtone trimmer installed on phone from factory to trim out any part of song you want. Save as contact ringtone or phone main ringtone. Use search for ringtone trimmer. Been covered a lot.
  5. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    Different strokes man. I prefer to do my music editing on a 19 inch screen instead of a 3 inch one. I'm a perfectionist with my ringtones though so I like alot of playing area.

    I have almost 60 tones that i've made on my phone right now, heh...

    Huffman, what kind of music do you like? I have my ringtones in a zip file that i could just send you if you wanted, depending on your taste in music you might enjoy some of them.
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  6. huffman6977

    huffman6977 Well-Known Member

    metallica korn that kinda music. i use myxer and i can download them to my computer then move them to the phone. i've emailed myxer to see why they go to the phone as .dm when i set them up to go as mp3, surprise they have no idea lol. thanks.
  7. zx12richard

    zx12richard Well-Known Member

    I never use a pc. Use hero only for everything. Lol the trimmer is just so easy to use.
  8. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    That's fine, You just made it out to be like I was wrong because I didn't use the trimmer.

    huffman, i'll send you a PM with the file attatched, you'd probably like most of the stuff i have in here. It's mostly rock/metal. or you can give me your e-mail address.
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  9. zx12richard

    zx12richard Well-Known Member

    Sorry bout sounding like that. Not wrong and a million ways to do same thing. I just think most don't even know trimmer os there. And I tried a couple apps and trimmers was just as easy for me. Didn't me to sound like a asshole. Lol. Guess goldwave must be pc and not a app.
  10. my menace

    my menace Well-Known Member

    Ok so i created those folders on my sd card and dropped my ringtones in there but they just show up on the phone in the music app and not in my ringtone list, i know I can set them as a ringtone from there but I don't want them in my music list anymore
  11. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    I don't think they should show up on your music list? Lemme check and see if they're in my folder...

    Hmm. My ringers don't show up in my music folder, that's weird. This is what your SD card should look like as far as the ringers go.

    Make sure you don't have the ringtones copied into your music folder, that should be the only reason why they show up in there.

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  12. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    P.S. I e-mailed you the zip file full of ringtones. In case you were wondering this is how I use mine:

    Main Call Tone - Abduct
    Voicemail - Dirty Work
    SMS - Hey You/ Fire In My Eyes/ Sulfur/ 30/30/150
    Alarms - Awake And Alive

    And I have about 15-20 set for different people's ringers I.E. "Home" for my Grandparents
  13. my menace

    my menace Well-Known Member

    this is how I have things set up:
    Sd card/media/audio - this is where I have my music
    SD card/media/audio/ringtones - this is where I have my ringtones
    SD card/media/audio/notifications - this is where I have my notification tones

    but my ringtones still show up in my music app but not my ringtone list

    ****nevermind I fixed it****
  14. Fbomb!

    Fbomb! Well-Known Member

    Might not be much of help to suggest an app, but I like Ringdroid if you are looking into making your own ringtones.
  15. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    ...Had to make a seperate Music folder didn't ya? I thought about bringing that up after I had made the other posts but I forgot and ended up going to sleep
  16. my menace

    my menace Well-Known Member

    "yeah I did," he said sheepishly while kicking the dirt
  17. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    It's alright, happens to the best of us. I had a music folder on my SD card when it was in my instinct so when I put it in my phone originally it was already done for me.

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