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How do I get Tasker App Factory to work

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  1. mikecox

    mikecox VIP Member VIP Member

    I just installed Tasker and was watching a you-tube tutorial and noticed the interface wasn't what I saw when I ran Tasker. So I went to Google Play and found Tasker App Factory and the screen shots matched the tutorials.

    So I installed it, but it doesn't appear in my Gnex app drawer. Shouldn't it?

    The Developer doesn't mention what needs to be done to make it work and haven't been able to figure it out. I checked Settings but didn't see any clues there.:(

    It just occurred to me that Tasker looks different on Rooted devices. My device is not rooted and the opening screen is white and plain and only has 3 headings; variables is missing...but that may be because I'm in beginner mode.

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    You don't run app factory as standalone. It is an program that is invoked from within tasker when you export a project/profile/task as an apk.

    There are two forks of tasker....one for Android 4.0
  3. mikecox

    mikecox VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes, that is made clear from the Google Play developer's description; it's like a plug-in and Tasker must be installed for it to work

    apk :confused: Like an app created in Tasker and run from app factory?

  4. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    If you go to the menu in tasker and settings you have a UI section, in there you can turn off beginner mode, this adds the variables tab that you are missing.

    The app factory add on just allows tasker to export profiles as an .apk (an app that can be installed on another device) you have to long press on the profile you wish to export in tasker, and choose to export it from there, or it may be in the menu as well.
  5. mikecox

    mikecox VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes, I did that and the variables now display

    So without it the long press option will not do anything?

    My biggest issue, at this point, is with the interface. Mine is clean and white; not blue with the big "X" and "check-mark"; that allows the user to accept the action and move to the next step. It just leaves you sitting there, with no obvious options. How do I I accept an action and go to the next step?

    The "Guide" that comes up in the developers section shows the Blue interface and is no help at all.
  6. galaxyjim

    galaxyjim Member

    Maybe I can get some advice on tasker app factory when I create a app with app factory I can export it and even install on my galaxy s3 running 4.1.2 but when i install it on my note 2 running the same 4.1.2 it either doesn't work at all or it only shows picture and fails to play audio file . Note ... the note 2 doesn't have tasker installed on it any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  7. RonMiz

    RonMiz New Member

    Totally lost here....:confused:

    I installed Tasker and Tasker App factory on my HTC One, the screen is white and minimalist which looks like Tasker alone. I cannot find any way to get to the more intuitive blue Tasker App Factory screen that is shown in every help page I can find.....:stupido2:

    Is this due to the fact that my phone is not rooted as was alluded to earlier in this thread? Is there an option to have Tasker use the Tasker App Factory or does it automatically do so?

    Thanks for any advice....
  8. KitWasHere

    KitWasHere Well-Known Member

    The white theme (or black if you change it in the options) is just the new UI. Everything is pretty much the same, just looks a little different.
    App Factory just lets you export profiles and stuff you make in Tasker as apps to share.

    Anything in particular you need help with? The wiki here is a good place to get some examples. For learning the "in's and out's" you should read through the actions and variables list on the official page. There's a beginners guide here as well.

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