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How do I get the battery cover off my H u9000Support

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  1. Epenthesis

    Epenthesis New Member

    Hi all!
    I just bought a Huawei u9000. I really want to start using it, but I am completely unable to take the battery cover off. The manual indicates that I should pull up the bottom part of the cover. I have tried this, but it is completely stuck, and I am afraid I will destroy the whole thing if I pull any harder. Anyone who has had the same problem and can give some advice?

  2. haree

    haree Active Member

    im using a spice Mi410 to my knowledge is the same
    what u do for my phone turn it around Press the cover down and slide it down towards the bottom of ur phone and the same comes off :)
    just trying to help sorry if its different for ur phone if its a ideosX6 then its the same way good luck:)

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