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how do i get the Galaxy S3 under Prepaid?

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  1. dannytech_lt

    dannytech_lt Well-Known Member

    im looking into getting the International galaxy S3 for ATT but im trying to get it working under the prepaid plan , if its possible .. can i get it to work under Prepaid and if it works how do i go about doing it?

    once i buy the phone and own it , i order the sim card and than activate or or do i need to call ATT to get a code?

    im currently Sprint i havent been ATT customer in 2 years

  2. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    Not sure about AT&T prepaid............don't think you can do that.

    You can however get Straight Talk "bring your own device" unlimited for $45 a month.
    The BYOD uses AT&T towers as opposed to buying a ST phone and using Sprint or Tmobile towers.

    Just an option for you.
  3. dannytech_lt

    dannytech_lt Well-Known Member

    u know what , thats what i think im gonna do its 495 for the year which comes to 40 bucks a month basically and im paying 90 dollars a month so im saving 50 a month .. and with my service paid for the full year ill break even and save money in no time and ill still have the S3
  4. Aokusman

    Aokusman Well-Known Member

    Read straight talk reviews before you jump. You would be nuts to pay the whole year in advance.
  5. GalaxyNexus

    GalaxyNexus Well-Known Member

    Be aware you can only use 2GBS per month on ST and only 100MBs per day. ST's "unlimited data" isn't really unlimited.

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