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  1. loz81

    loz81 New Member

    pleaes help me out. i bought google android 2.2 wm8650 tablets from ebay. trying to download apps such as talking tomcat as they are for the kids. and also tried other apps but says not compatible with device etc? i am not really that technical but from what i have seem so far there is something i can do but im so confused.
    i really need someone to walk me through what i have to do to make these tabs fully accesable to the android market ( like my partner htc smartphone. )
    can anyone at all please help me out ? and be gentle?

    thanku in advance . i hope someone out there can help little old me . :confused:

  2. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    If you receive "Not compatible with device xx" mean that application not work in your tablet/phone. There is no way to run it in your device. you can find similar compatible applications.

    For example your device not have sufficient hardware capabilities to run that application. When i try to download i receive "MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ " game i receive "This app is incompatible with your Sony Ericsson ST15i"
  3. loz81

    loz81 New Member

    thats wot i mean. i need to get the correct software on the tablet so i can use it with the REAL android market .
  4. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    I don't know what are you talking. Sorry!:-D
  5. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    If you use desktop computer for search apps, this kind of issue happn. So use tablet android market app for search relevant app.
  6. loz81

    loz81 New Member

    i did use the app market on the tab but the wondermedia isnt attached to the REAL android market as it is chinese so i want to change the operating system to make it better !
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  7. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    You can contact Google Android market official contact staff in this link. Follow it and submit your issue. They will contact you within 24 hours.

    Issue with Android Market apps for tablet or phone - Android Market contact
  8. kaygee46

    kaygee46 Member

    You can get the real Android Market on your wm8650 because I've done it. I forget how I did it but if I can find the directions again I'll re-post here. It still may not let you run incomaptible programs, but at least you'll have access to the real market.

    EDIT: Sorry, I've just remembered that the real market was pre-installed on my tablet when I bought it on ebay. That was why I purchased from that particular seller, also good price (A$70)
  9. dagenham86

    dagenham86 New Member

    on my tablet i use the getjar app off getjar's site and use their app to look for items and when i try and download it transfers me to the proper android market its a long way to do it but always works worth a try :)
  10. grayboy

    grayboy New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Hi Guys

    I was searching for a good office app for android as polaris office still says coming to market soon. Anyway, I came across this thread and joined the forum to see if my solution helps.

    My grandaughter got one of these cheap chinese smart books with wince 6 installed. It has a via arm8650 processor which I believe is the WonderMedia WM8650. It ran really slow so I installed a Uberoid mod on it...It shows up as Android 2.2 with kernel...Build number-generic-eng2.2 Froyo ver 1.5.5-19691231.115959.

    I ran the market and searched for facebook for android, but got no hits. I googled it and tried to install through google play, but got "Not compatible with device xx".

    I then followed these instructions and got facebook in the android market and it installed with no problems[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]How to Fix Android Market Cache Problem[/FONT]

    1. [FONT=&quot]Open the Android Market and press the home button to return.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=&quot]Go to Settings > Applications > Manage > Running[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=&quot]Press
  11. netgirlnz

    netgirlnz New Member

    I installed this google play apk, works like a charm have full play store on my wondermedia wm8650, very very happy

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