How do I get wifi at home or outdoors?Support

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  1. Cheapster

    Cheapster Member

    Tried it yesterday in a cafe which had a sign advertising free wifi but I got an error message about not having the right sort of account. At home the phone only works on wifi sporadically. (Sorry if the details are scant

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I've limited success using the free Wifi at caf
  3. Cheapster

    Cheapster Member

    The message loops through "Scanning" then "Obtaining IP address" then "Disconnected" and the network status ends as "Disabled, secured with WEP".
  4. vikki1996

    vikki1996 New Member

    I am also facing the same issue. Earlier it was working fine.Any one please help us.
  5. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Are you close enough to the router?
    What ROM?
    Have you tried Blade wifi fix from the Market?
  6. Cheapster

    Cheapster Member

    Thanks. Have downloaded wifi fix and will post again if that doesn't do the trick. What do you mean by "What ROM?"
  7. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

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