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How do I improve SGS performance without rooting?Support

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  1. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I am not as tech as you lot, but not a lamer eaither. I do not however wish to root my Galaxy S. Can someone PLEASE provide some info on what best to do to assist with speed and overall performance of this phone.

    I have tried all the stock standard routines that Samsung recommend - full OS reinstall but after a week or so back to the same old lag etc....

    I am located in Australia (Optus) and have updated to Froyo. all else is out of the box

    any help would be greatly appreciated


  2. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    Hehe, you could flash speedmod kernel apply the R tweaks, maybe even lagfix and not root. That would include using Odin. Which I believe for you would be beyond " I do not however wish to root my Galaxy S"

    Which froyo version you has in the Optus? 2.2 or 2.2.1 since the 2.2.1 is considered fast and almost lagfree.

    An option would be spoofing and installing the official XEU firmware if you are on 2.2 ofc.

    This all can be done without root. But all are major changes beyond the fear of root I would say.

    So whats your reason NOT to root?
  3. lobo76

    lobo76 Well-Known Member

    not sure about your reasons for not wanting to root, which is impt coz I could suggest you flash the kernel without rooting, but might still void warranty which could be your reason for not wanting to root in the first place...
  4. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    i am running 2.2 only and wish to retain my warranty hence the no root decision. too many stories on here about people having problems. plus i am not 100% ofay with tech side of things...

    is there an easy guide to get 2.1.1 anywhere?

  5. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    well about loosing warranty...
    there is almost always a way to get back to "pre root" or "pre made it better"

    well easy... depends on how you look at it...

    Also why dont you bring your phone back in for repairs, saying its laggy too much and you payed too much for a laggy phone like this. Either they fix it for you or you want your money back. Sometimes this works.

    There are stories about ppl getting 2.2.1 that way (the service center just flashed it for them)

    the easiest way though. with loosing warranty (its kinda a virtual loss of warranty since if you know how, you should be always go back)
    Is to root, add a custom kernel and apply some tweaks.
    Then is getting 2.2.1
    Or even a custom rom.

    But to get back from all of these the easiest way would be
    Root and custom kernel.

    Anyway if you are ready to root and etc. Will give you the HOW here :)
  6. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    i'd be happy to try the root AS LONG as i can get it back. im desperate to get this thing moving as i use it all the time for work stuff (nav/bluetooth/etc......

    any instructions would be great. it's a stock std phone and i cannot do the 3 button thing either btw - i did find that much out:)
  7. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    Damn about the 3 button thing :D . No download mode ? No recovery ? You should have mentioned this earlier kinda :) . Try again. Both combos. For what I have read (and I didnt read practically anything :p) canadians dont have the 3 button combo thing mostly.

    The thing is. I am not so tech savvy too :) . And what I would advice you would be just how to root, backup kernel/efs folder, flash custom kernel, go to recovery apply R tweaks , done :D

    Right now since you dont have the 3 button combo (seriously try more :p, hold release etc so you are sure its not there) we wouldn't have any easy way to get back if something goes wrong. So first would be to get the 3 button combo working. For that however you would need someone else that might reply sorry :) (And also not sure how you get back easily from 3 button fix to no 3 button fix)
  8. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    ok thanks. it just sounds risky all across the board.....
  9. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    nah someone else will help you with, just be patient :D

    for sure its soo easy, I just never did it before. btw you really really really completely sure there is no recovery or download mode on the 3 button thing?
  10. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Try a different launcher perhaps? Zeam Launcher is supposedly the fastest launcher on the market.
  11. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    thanks snapper have tried....no luck.

    and i have tried for hrs to get recovery mode.... no luck either.

    i shall await some help i guess

  12. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    well since I dont wanna give up :p . Still 2 things you could do.
    1. I already said bring it to samsung/carrier for repair
    its not your job to fix when someone else messes up :). You already tried this and that and it didnt help. Tell them to fix it or you want your money/another phone.

    2. Cant believe I am gonna suggest this... but... try some task manager, something like advanced task manager for froyo. Might be a placebo effect but it might help a little. (I am against of use of task killers! (I am allowed :p . for bad apps and testing))

    Also there is the basic tips (somewhere which should apply to all android), shutdown the vibrate on keypress, sounds on it too etc.
  13. Scared

    Scared Active Member

    I used to be on 2.2 and I keep waiting and hoping that Samsung AU/Optus would release the 2.2.1 update in Australia but in the end I gave up and flashed 2.2.1 myself. It was a pretty straight forward process. I flashed something onto my phone first to get the 3 button recovery working then flashed the firmware.

    To get the 3 button recovery mode working I used this post: How to get the 3 button recovery mode working

    and to get the 2.2.1 firmware I got the "I9000XWJS5" (europe) firmware off samfirmware.com and used the same procedure as the 3 button flash (except without ticking "phone bootloader update". The firmware you download off the website will have 3 files, I only used the biggest one (longest file name and biggest size).

    I probably voided my warranty but I wouldn't wait any longer :(

    I hope this helps in case you decide to flash it yourself.
  14. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    I'm the same as scared. Phone lagged something chronic on the official 2.2 update- so I said stuff Optus and loaded 2.2.1 using Odin. However my 3 button does work - and I was led to believe that all Optus galaxys are the same.

    I think a lot of people thing 3 button is disabled when it isn't. You need to hold them down a few seconds.

    2.2.1 works flawlessly and that the last update for me. I lost the optus phone usage icon and the other optus crap but thats all. Can't recommend it enough
  15. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    oh god okay here i go then to 2.2.1

    BUT 1ST:) can i still use kies to sync with outlook? this is critical. thanks so much for the help - can someone also point to step by step instructions on how to do this please (go to 2.2.1)

  16. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    sync works fine on 2.2.1. As to step by step instructions - sorry i don't have the time to type them all out. But basically- check to see your 3 button is really disabled. If it is - then yes you need to fix that first. Then its just a matter of putting the phone into download mode after downloading the firmware and running odin using just the PDA file. Seach and you will find
  17. Scared

    Scared Active Member

    Look at the first link I posted. I used exactly the same steps to upgrade to 2.2.1 with the only differences being I didn't tick the "phone bootloader update" and the file I used was the "I9000XWJS5-REV03-ALL-low-CL869633.tar.md5" (Assuming you use the same version).
  18. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    ok i'll give it a go tonite when i get home

    fingers crossed - and thanks everyone......
  19. Sleeper69

    Sleeper69 Well-Known Member

    ok this may sound a little gay - BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS :)

    just updated to 2.1.1 no probs. SCARED your tips were critical and perfect. thank so much.

    i'll cruise with this for a cpl days and see how it all goes. thanks again SOOOO much.

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