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  1. jazz53

    jazz53 Well-Known Member

    First off thanks for this forum and all its help.
    How do you increase the font size so us older guys with weaker eyes can read it?

    I tried an app called "Big Font" but it does not work very well and not at all with sms.
    If there is a setting I missed it.


  2. davidtxs2011

    davidtxs2011 Member

    settings>..display>...font size

    its easy fix i use HUGE works great just go to settings then display then fint ssize
    hope its ok for me to answer
  3. jazz53

    jazz53 Well-Known Member

    No setting for font in settings/display that I can find
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Sorry to say that I cannot think of a way without rooting the phone.
  5. jazz53

    jazz53 Well-Known Member

    Phone is rooted

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