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How do I install apps and more on SD card by Default on android 2.3.5 Samsung Exhibit 2?Support

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  1. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    I just bought a new Samsung EXHIBIT 2 on T-Mobile and a new 32 GB micro SD card. So I thought that everything installs auto on the SD card but it doesn't. So how do I install EVERYTHING on my Samsung EXHIBIT 2 running Android 2.3.5 to the SD card by default. When I try to move some apps it doesn't let me. Please help!

  2. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    Some applications cannot move to the SD card, and this is chosen by the application developer himself. Usually, from my experiences, apps that are supporting widgets do not go on the SD card, but apps like games or news apps can go on the SD card. It really depends on the application itself. You can always email the developer of the application and see what he has to say about SD card storage. He should be able to explain why it cannot go on the SD card.
  3. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    But simple apps like Gameboid and Frostwire cannot be moved to the SD card.
  4. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    Where did you find those apps? I did not see either on the market.
  5. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *moved to Samsung Exhibit 4G forum*

    If you want to move more apps to the SD card, you'll need to have the Android SDK installed. How-To Install Android SDK On Windows, Mac and Linux

    Then on your phone go to settings>applications>development and enable USB Debugging. Plug your phone into the PC using the USB cable.

    open a command prompt on your PC (start>run type "cmd" press ENTER)

    Change directory to the android-sdk-windows\tools folder

    At the prompt type
    Code (Text):
    1. adb devices
    and you should see your phone listed as a serial number.

    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

    Now the default location to install apps is the SD card. And, some apps that you couldn't move to the SD card will now be able to be moved. Keep in mind Widgets and services should always be installed to the phone and not the SD card, so if you follow the steps above and you install a widget afterwards, you will need to go to settings>applications>manage applications and manually move it to the phone. If you want to set the default install location back to the phone, you simply repeat the process but use
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell setInstallLocation 0
    Android has specific rules for where it installs apps. If the app has a specified location, that takes priority. If it is not specified in the app, then the default install location is used. Android has 3 identifiers for app storage location:

    0 = Internal
    1 = Auto
    2 = External (sd card)

    If 0 is set in the app, then it can only be installed on the internal storage regardless of the default install location. Widgets, services and apps that periodically poll need to be in the internal storage to run correctly.

    Similarly the phone itself can have a default install location set so if the app is set to 1 (Auto) then it will direct the app where to be installed. The only thing you must remember is that 1 is not an option for a phones default location. If the app were set to Auto location and the phone was to, it wouldn't know what the default was.

    You may find now that by setting the default install location to 2 you can now move more apps to the sd card that you couldn't before. If you go to menu>settings>applications>manage applications you can check which apps are able to be moved, paying close attention NOT to move widgets or polling apps.
  6. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    I get a error when trying to install the android website on eclipse. Help! It says i need to update some things.
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    If you could post the exact error it would be helpful.
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  8. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    Android Development Tools (15.0.1.v201111031820-219398) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.core.runtime (3.5.0)", or later version.
  9. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    This might be helpful.
  10. tagzard

    tagzard Member

  11. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    That I can't help you with as I don't use Eclipse.
  12. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    Then how do you know this will work? Have you done it before?
  13. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    The error you are receiving is because you have an incompatible version of Eclipse installed. Since I have the SDK installed without and version of Eclipse, I never got the message. And yes, I've set the default install location to the SD card many times and it works all the time. It's a simple setting and root isn't required.
  14. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    Oh. Then can't I simply delete the eclipse and you can link me to the one you downloaded.
  15. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    I followed all of the instructions but when I type adb devices it says that adb isn't a command.
  16. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Did you first change directories to the tools folder? There should be a file adb.exe there
  17. lion7718

    lion7718 Well-Known Member

  18. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    App 2 SD will only move those apps that could be moved manually. By changing the default install location. Apps that previously wouldn't move will now be movable.
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  19. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    a class 10 sd card will be faster for most apps that are normally not installed externally.......
  20. tagzard

    tagzard Member

    Forgot to say thank you for all of your help.
  21. WoohooGuy

    WoohooGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this great post, I was able to change the settings in my wife's exhibit and move some rather large apps to the sd card.

    As a heads up, it would appear the ADB location has changed in the newest version of the SDK (I assume new as I just downloaded it).

    ADB is no longer in the "tools" folder, there is a nifty text file in its place informing people it has been moved to "platform-tools"

    Thanks again for some great information.
  22. gvc

    gvc Well-Known Member

    which sd card? /sdcard or /sdcard/eternal_sd?

    whats the point of moving apps to internal sd vs main phone memory? its all internal memory. the external sd card u install in the phone is for media file storage only? when I use "move to sd" option, it just transfers the file from internal phone memory to internal sd memory. that doesn't really add space to the phone, just changes the internal partition size.
  23. richardlibeau

    richardlibeau Member

    i did these commands and when i install a new app it still goes to internal card .At the command prompt i put get pm installlocation and it says 2(external) but it won't stick for some reason. Any idea of what i am doing wrong
  24. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Newer phones and Tablets that include large amounts (by current mobile standards) Like the SGS2 (and my other phone, the Captivate) often partition them so that you don't have a huge amount of system memory that wouldn't be accessible for file storage. On the Captivate (and I am assuming it's similar with your device) Samsung has a 2 GB partition for the system and the remaining 14 GB partitioned and recognized as an sd card by making its mount point /sdcard.

    Therein lies the problem. The path to external storage within Android is /sdcard so apps that are installed to external storage will be there, which is the internal sd partition, not the removable sd card. On the Captivate the path to the removable sd card is /sdcard/sd_external, on my SGS2 it's /sdcard/external_sd and on my Transformer is /Removable/Microsd.

    That's the reason why apps won't move to an external sd card if you have an internal partition.
  25. TLCH723

    TLCH723 Member

    Is there a way to get rid of the internal sd card storage??
    I trying to get this GPS program and the maps are going to take like 4 GB.

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