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  1. KatChatter

    KatChatter Member

    Please bear in mind that my first Android was a Galaxy SII, therefore I'm a little spoiled. It had mobile hotspot and I used it extensively while I made my way south from Alaska roaming on Verizon's network.

    So when I reached my destination located in the high Mojave desert north of LA i was no longer in the service area and had to switch to LG Optimis Elite on Sprint network. Its been 1-800-wtf! ever since.

    I was given a freshly refurbished Elite which required a lot of tweeking and tech support from my carrier, Virgin Mobile (operative word virgin) in order to get talk, text and mobile data working consistently. So that's the backstory.

    Now that I'm a desert rat I've been getting by fine when I need internet using the phone. The only exception to this is online banking. Some tasks and features are accessible with the phone, but transfers from and to other accounts/banks require a computer. So I purchased Easy Tether app from Amazon.

    There comes with the app a setup wizard which is using terminology and android features I do not understand AT ALL. Host software, transfer download to PC, Android USB Storage feature, downloads folder on exported storage volume, MTP, or disk drive. And that's all on the first step in the wizard.

    I've searched the forums so I know the app will work on this phone but I was unable to make any progress and received so many error messages that I had to take a break after several hours.

    I then uninstalled the app, did a hard reset and re-installed it. The setup wizard is ready to go.

    I've noticed that some users have experienced ....anomolies with SD use and performance while trolling the make/model forum. Its all Greek to me, but I'm persistent (and without access to money).

    Is there any members in the AF community that can enlighten or empower me to get past the first phase of the set up wizard...or even walk me through it? Please...I'm getting hungry, and I need cash.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance in getting the phone and computer on the same page. Moderaters and forum supporters please forgive my ignorance if I have posted this request in the wrong thread. I don't think well on empty tummy or pockets. ;-)

  2. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    As far as I know, only two tether apps work for the Optimus Elite: Barnacle, and Wifi Tether for Root Users. I couldn't speak for Easy Tether, but my guess is that it will not work properly for this phone - the phone is a weird one, and a lot of things that should work properly for it, don't. Both of the aforementioned apps are available on the Play Store for free. I would try looking into those apps.
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  3. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

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  4. KatChatter

    KatChatter Member I mentioned in my intro, I refer to the Elite as a "cruel and unusual gift". Thanks to Ranhead and Artine for advice and suggestions. The previous owner of original phone encountered a lot of problems with rooting - including ROM manager installation issues that never got resolved. He finally purchased another and gave me the half rooted one. When we transferred ownership I became eligible for replacement due to active warranty. Yay...I feel naked without my cell :eek!! The 1-800-wtf! Voicemail box is full, so I'm I'm determined to find the help I need through the various Android forums and tech support communities that exist online. Thanks again guys. :)
  5. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    There are also known working methods of rooting for this device that are simple. And there's a stickied warning thread about not using ROM Manager for this device, lol. Anyway, for all you need to know about how to get this device off the ground, take a look at the following three threads: One | Two | Three | I hope these will be of assistance to you :)
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  6. KatChatter

    KatChatter Member

    Yup - I came across same stickie on my foray through the forums. And I sincerely appreciate your continued interest in helping with advice. However, if I can't negotiate installation of an app that comes with a setup wizard, I'm doubtful that I could successfully root or manage a rooted phone. Your persistence with the rooting has not gone unheeded, so it will have to serve as a last resort - at least for me. Thanks again for the links and helpful response; I do appreciate your time and consideration. :beer:
  7. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    To use Easy Tether, you will need to go to their website on your PC and download the program for Windows. I used it on my old Optimus V for USB tethering with great results. If you don't have internet to download the program to your PC, I don't think you'll get it to work.
  8. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    With Giantpune's app, it's just a simple button press provided you've followed his instructions. It's quite easy, actually :) There are also innumerable benefits to being rooted, such as custom ROMs giving you 60 hours of battery life potential instead of 18-if-you're-lucky, among other things :)

    That sounds unnecessarily complicated. But hey, if it works... :)
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  9. KatChatter

    KatChatter Member

    OK, so I figured it out. The biggest issue was changing the file path in SD card to downloads. Once I did that I was able to install from SD card. I'm filing the experience under I-KNOW-ALOT-OF-STUFF-ABOUT-ALOT-OF-STUFF...BUT-I-DIDNT-KNOW-I-KNEW-SO-MUCH-STUFF-ABOUT-ALL-THAT-OTHER-STUFF. Great big thanks for all the responses, suggestions and especially the advantages of rooting the phone. Ill need to research all the pros and cons before I make a decision of course, but at least I can do it on-the-fly from my laptop. You guys ROCK! Muah!!!
  10. KatChatter

    KatChatter Member

    In response to riggerman's claim that i must dowload to pc from developers website...Not true. I only had to change file path on SD to downloads and then unmount it before inserting it in laptop where I easily accessed the folder containg downloads to phone and double click to install. Its working fine with good connectivity and speed.

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