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  1. jall65

    jall65 Member

    Okay, A little embarrassed here. I have a problem with the notifications ring tones that are preset from the factory. I cant here them. I suffer from tinnitus. (ringing in the ear) I need to install something I can hear. I can change the ring tone to my liking but for the life of me I cant change the notifications tone. Can someone please tell me how to do this. :eek:

  2. AciDeX

    AciDeX Member

    Try the app called "Ringdroid" in the marketplace. It allows you to edit audio files and set them as ringtones or notification sounds.
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  3. jall65

    jall65 Member

    That was exactly what i was looking for. Thanks
  4. shinedown87

    shinedown87 Well-Known Member

    Also, the app Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers has a good selection. They are free to download and you can set them for certain contacts right inside the app.
  5. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    Tonepicker it's a app

    it may allow you to raise up to the same level as the ringtone.

    Did a great job on the Sam Moment.
  6. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    I use Mabilo Ringtones. :)
  7. Jessicalt1

    Jessicalt1 Well-Known Member

    I second Mabilo but I've had to use it in connection with Ringdroid for it to set correctly.
  8. Galo1950

    Galo1950 Active Member

    RingLert works well too. Just follow the instructions.
  9. Magweibel

    Magweibel New Member

    I use Ringdroid but I cannot change my notification ringer at matter what I use. It is stuck on "Captains Log" and even if I use the other presets it won't change. Do you have any suggestions for that?
  10. Galo1950

    Galo1950 Active Member

    Have you tried Kzurb Sonar? It seems to be louder than CL. Also, if you didn't know, the ringer volume is adjustable by the volume "pads" on the side. I also have tinnitus and had ear surgery 11/12(I have a cotton ball stuffed in my left ear for a couple more weeks :( ), and I have no problem hearing the KS ringtone.
    I hope this helps...
  11. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    OK I stated in a different. Thread ...create a folder on your sd card called Notifications and the android will see it. Create your own tones and put them in that folder. Same goes for Ringtones and Alarms. Just create the folder on sd and they will show in the list. :)
  12. cnmurray8

    cnmurray8 New Member

    I just tried "Ringdroid" and it worked great.
  13. Luckywuffboi

    Luckywuffboi Member

    Another good one is rings extended. found in the market.
    hope this helps!
  14. sksahai

    sksahai Member


    I have done as you said and put a "ringtones" folder on my SD card, and it works just fine. If I want to do the same for "alarms" and "notifications" will I have to create folders for them, and then copy over the same files into each folder?
    In other words, if I want star wars imperial march for both alarm, notifications, and ringtone, will I to have 3 individual files of the same ringtone in each folder? So if I have a library of 50 files of tones, I will have to triplicate for each folder? If so, that's kind of stupid, as my blackberry, they all access the same folder, so I only have one copy of the file.

    Also, how do I set the ringtone to ring differently for a phone call from wife,kids, work, etc ...

    Thanks in advance
  15. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    Yes to the folders
  16. virginvoice

    virginvoice New Member

    For macintosh users: connect usb cord to phone connect usb to computer open menu on cell choose notification window opens choose USB CONNECTED" window opens with green robot choose "turn on USB storage" window opens hit ok "USB storage in use" appears in orange look on computer desktop device icon appears as "no name" double click and open up the USB card window opens choose "DCIM" DCIM window opens To create Music folder to upload MP3 songs: create folder named "Music" with capital M upload MP3 files To create your own Ringtones sound folder: create folder named "Ringtones" with capital R upload MP3 files of sounds or music for ringtones to create new your own Notifications sounds folder or music: create folder named "Notifications" with capital N upload MP3 files of sounds or music for notifications when finished, you must ALWAYS drag the "no name" or device icon to trash BEFORE disconnecting. Once icon disappears from desktop, look at cell screen and hit "turn off USB storage" Screen turns back to green Turn off phone NOW disconnect USB cord from cell. Turn phone back on. To change sounds for ringtones, notifications etc: Open menu on cell choose settings choose sound For new ringtone choose phone ringtone select new or customized ringtown For new notification choose notification ringtone select new or customized ringtown when finished close out of settings new ringtones and/or notifications available.

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