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    What kind of email are you using?
    Mine don't delete....just greyed out from being read...
    gmail for the win.
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    I have a couple of verizon accounts and a couple of my business website addresses. Currently I use Pocomail on my desktop and it is set to delete from server once I check, but I really want the option to save/store email on my phone so that I have their info with me when Im out on the road.

    Is this just the way android works with email, if so, is it likely to ever be changed?
  5. sremick

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    If you're sharing an account between multiple clients, you need to be using IMAP and not POP access. POP is not made for shared access and no way of configuring it is going to give satisfactory results.

    It's not how Android works. It's how email works. IMAP is for shared client access where all email and folders are retained at the server. POP is for single-client use where all mail is simply queued up until a single client fetches (and removes) it from the server, to then just be stored locally on that one client.
  6. Sig32

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    Thanks for the reply. I really don't know much about IMAP & POP, but I am the only person accessing the email accounts. No one else sends or receives messages from them.

    Would setting my accounts up using IMAP solve this?
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  7. sremick

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    It doesn't matter that you're the only person. You're checking the email from multiple clients (one being the desktop computer, the other being your phone).

    You don't need to know tons about IMAP vs. POP... what you need to know I explained in my previous post. ;) And yes, like I already said: using IMAP instead will solve this. That's its purpose.
  8. Sig32

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    First off, thank you for your help. Hopefully you can explain the following to me. I have a personal account and apparently verizon does not offer IMAP settings for residential/personal accounts.

    What I don't understand is that all my email accounts were setup as POP on my BB and all my messages stayed on the phone even after checking them from my desktop and deleting them from the server. Does this mean that BB does something different with the email?
  9. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    I've always strongly-advocated using an email that is not tied to your ISP. Not only are there better email providers out there, but it frees you from having to change your email address every time you change ISPs or move.

    What could allow that to happen is to have the BB POP3 client not remove them from the server, and then have the BB client check the emails before the desktop does. So that once the desktop checks and remove it, it doesn't affect the emails already downloaded (and saved to) the BB.

    Or having neither client auto-delete, and making sure the BB has fetched the emails before telling the desktop client to manually-delete.

    Basically, when you have POP3 clients, they can only be configured one of two ways: remove emails from server after fetch (default), or leave emails on server after fetch (and optionally manually-delete later). When you have multiple POP3 clients, the end result depends on what each is set to and who checks the emails first.

    No matter what way you try to make multi-client POP3 access work, it's all dirty and far from ideal. IMAP is the solution to the problem, but indeed is a premium service not offered by some basic providers.
  10. Attono

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    I'm having a similar issue. Running with pop, but set so my Eco pulls email every 10 minutes and leaves them on the server while the desktop deletes them when retrieving. The rub is that once the email is retrieved to the phone, if the desktop retrieves and then deletes from the pop server, I can no longer forward or reply to the email on the cell, even though it is sitting right there. A bubble comes up that says the email is not available or something along those lines. If the email has been downloaded to the phone, I want to be able to manipulate it at my leisure.
  11. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    That doesn't make any sense. Although a messy setup, what you're trying to do should work. What email client are you using on the phone? I'd suggest trying K-9, as it is an enhanced, improved, less-buggy and more feature-rich version of the stock client.

    Also, as stated before: Use IMAP when checking email from multiple clients. POP is only meant for single-client fetching of email.
  12. cnruck

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    I hear you Sig32. Sorry sremick for the average person the IMAP and POP explaination doesn't make much sense. I'm going to have to look into it.
    I too was a BB user and loved the email feature. I was convinced to go Android this time and I am finding it is not working for my needs. I want to save emails so I have them. No problem on BB. When you set you desktop email to save on the server for a number of days the Captivate (SGC) keeps pulling them off the server and you have to keep deleting them. I have tried starring the emails I want to save on the SGC and sure enough within a couple of days they are gone. This is a big time problem. It also is slow in sending emails. Monday night I had a client email me to cancel an appointment for yesterday morning and I didn't get it until about 8pm last night but I got other emails in between. I have to keep switching WiFi on and off to send or receive messages too. I have had messages sit in my outbox for days, everytime I try to send them nothing happens! When I called Rogers tech support they don't know anything about the phone.

    The next big issue is the incoming time for text messages is 5 hours off so you have to keep scrolling back up to see replies.
  13. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    See if the section in the Captivate FAQ helps you out:

    Email - CapFAQ
  14. cnruck

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    Thank you, that explains it. I will see if I can change to IMAP and I am also going to try K9 to see if that is any better.
  15. mbiamonte77

    mbiamonte77 New Member

    I like to keep emails for reference for a long time. I would prefer NOT to use either of the "keep emails on server" options.

    It seems as though if the particlar email is not on the server, it can't stay in the phone. The iPhone was NOT like this. Even after the desktop client retrieved (and deleted), that email could remain in the phone (assuming, of course, it was retrieved previously).

    With my Android (Samsung Infuse, yes, I recently switched from iPhone), once you use the desktop client to pull the email off the server, any emails that were previously downloaded to the phone will literally disappear before your eyes the next time it checks.

    Any way around that?
  16. droidsyr

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    I had exactly this problem.... I solved it using K9 mail.

    As the user described- I never had this problem with Blackberry- oh well.

    Background: To be specific, I have one POP3 account that I check from multiple computers. All of the computers are set to 'leave the messages on the server'. I like all of the messages to remain on the (other) computers and (on) the phone- even if they are deleted locally from one computer or the phone.

    Heres the settings I used to achieve this:

    With K9 mail under 'account settings' set:
    -'Local Folder Size' = All messages
    -'Sync messges' = Any Time Limit
    -'Sync Server Deletions' = Unchecked!
    -'When I delete a message' - = Do not delete on server
    -'Download headers' = Save all message headers locally

    I believe that should do it! Hope it helps someone.
    This was done with current K9 release as of this date- and using 2.3 Android Samsung Transform Ultra.

  17. woodie100

    woodie100 New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm also new to the world of Android:confused:

    I have the above mentioned handset and on the email side of it, if I archive an email, how do I retrieve an email once I've archived it?

  18. stephencudd

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    I have changed from BB and this is one of the first issues I had. BB stored my messages on my phone forever but android (Samsung Nexus Android 4.0) only kept messages as long as they were on my email server. Tried K9 setting the number of emails to keep at 1000 but that still didn't solve the issue. Eventually I noticed that both K9 and the standard email application have a sync option which synchronizes with your email server. I have now switched off sync on both applications and so far so good. To switch off sync on the standard application you need to go to device settings (not email settings) and scroll down to Personal: Accounts & Sync.

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