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How do I know 3G is offSupport

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  1. Eudreamality

    Eudreamality New Member

    I upgraded my backflip to Android 2.1 and installed APNdroid, I turned 3G/GPRS off, however, I can still see the 3G logo in my notification bar. How do I know 3G is REALLY off?

  2. jacklebott

    jacklebott New Member

    depends on the theme, but generally you'll know if your 3G is lit it's on, dull it's off. I think with stock theme, the arrows under 3G disappear when it's off
  3. Eudreamality

    Eudreamality New Member

    thanks for the reply. I can see 3G is lit, however, the up and down arrows are no longer there, does that mean it's turned off? What does stock theme mean......thanks!
  4. jacklebott

    jacklebott New Member

    no arrows means no connection, stock theme means you have not modified the user interface

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