How do I know if my phone is rooted?

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  1. zackw22

    zackw22 Member

    I have a Eris and I grabbed what was to be the 2.1 ROM and followed the instructions and it said "Than your phone should be rooted" but how can I really tell if it is or not. Because I'm trying to update some patches but don't think its going to work

  2. MJL

    MJL Well-Known Member

    Plug your phone in. open cmd prompt. navigate to your tools folder in the sdk. type adb shell. type SU. look at your phone to see if an SU request pops up. click allow. your cmd prompt should have a #. if so youre rooted.
  3. steve4tis

    steve4tis New Member

    it says permission denied when i do that
  4. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Well-Known Member

    You have to turn on USB debugging first. Menu, Settings, Applications, Development, check the "debugging" box.

    Open command prompt, follow directions above.
  5. yarnseeker

    yarnseeker Member

    I had to try this a couple of times. I finally ended up updating my SDK software and that seemed to fix whatever my issue was.

    To get out of the shell stuff... type EXIT. I had to do it 2x to get back to the prompt.

    I used the One Click Eris Rooter from the Market and so far so good. My only issue was that it says to use the Volume UP button to get into recovery and that didn't work. I had to use the Volume DOWN button but somewhere I read that's a common issue. :)

    Now to put droid something > 2.1 on my darn phone...AFTER I take a backup and then I'll be able to maybe actually do something on this phone. bwahahahahahahahaha

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