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  1. oopena

    oopena New Member

    I want to listen to Coast to Coast AM but I can't.
    Any suggestions?

  2. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Active Member

    I know that there are available radio apps, but on the other hand, are you subscribed to the C2C program as a "Streamlink Member"? If so, and if you have a media player app which accepts streaming on your phone (Windows Media or Real Player for example), then you should be able to listen in.
  3. bubbarob1978

    bubbarob1978 Member is what u need to do....set up a free account at from a laptop or desktop pc, add the station 1080 AM. They carry C2C every night. Then log into (notice the "m" in the address) on your droid and stream the station. That's it...I do it every night. The only bummer is that it streams through the media player so you can't surf the web at the same time or it will shut down the media app. Moodio has a ton of stations you can add. I love it.

    The other bonus of moodio is that if you listen to a local station that is broadcasting a sports game you want to hear in an area where you might not have a good radio signal, you will hear it on moodio. This is cool because if you try to go online direct to the radio station often times they won't be streaming sports games due to copyright restrictions.
  4. oopena

    oopena New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I am a streamlink member. What app will play the stream on my Motorola Droid?
  5. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Active Member

    Sorry for such a late reply.

    Have you tried putting any versions of RP or WMP on your device? Streamlink allows these two as default forms of listening to their program. Let me know if you can, or cannot, get either App. situated and working on your handheld.
  6. RayRaysGS430

    RayRaysGS430 Member

    I just found your link, and so far i love it. But can anyone help by pointing me to a good link for listening to COAST TO COAST in colorado or kansas. Much appreciate the support here.
  7. Thoraldus

    Thoraldus Well-Known Member

    Just checked the free "A Online Radio" app. Did a search for "coast to coast" and found 3 streams. Listening to it now.
  8. RayRaysGS430

    RayRaysGS430 Member

    Hello Thoraldus, I found the app and did as you did and found coast to coast, however it was the best of. SO, i did some searching on my own, and i it was all hit and miss, and i actually found a radio station that was streaming it live, its from another part of the country, but it is the live broadcast. For those of you curious, do a search for "WABC-AM" no quotes.

    Thanks for the help, really appreciate forums and people who actually help out. happy holidays to you and your family!!!
  9. Thoraldus

    Thoraldus Well-Known Member


    Found KSFO-AM on the west coast also carries it live. cheers!
  10. RayRaysGS430

    RayRaysGS430 Member

    your to awesome... i live in kansas, so i'm looking for a station in colorado or kansas, if you have some free time, see if you have any luck. i'm looking also.

    thanks again!!
  11. Thoraldus

    Thoraldus Well-Known Member

    Try KOWB-AM Laramie - They're listed as a "Coast to Coast" affiliate. it's 6:00 AM now and they're playing ZZ Top. OH, now it's Patsy Cline. How eclectic! :D

    Edit: Found this ... "Coast to Coast - Listen every night from 11 p.m. - 5 a.m. on 1290 KOWB-AM, Laramie"
  12. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Active Member

    I found "Cherry RPlayer", and it works amazingly well. The stream never dropped over a two hour time period, and I believe I found an affiliate station out of Arizona(?). I sent in a request for them to stream some local affiliates (Which also carry other programs which I like).

    Cherry Rplayer v1.0.1 Application for Android | Multimedia
  13. griffan

    griffan Member

    holly $h!t theres a coast to coast app for droid? is it on the g1 as well?
  14. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member

    Iheartradio plays Coast to coast AM on 1190Kex at 10pm PST.
  15. leftystrat

    leftystrat Well-Known Member

    I use this for a number of streaming programs and it hasn't failed.
    If you Google C2C streaming, you'll turn up a few pages of excellent results, including whole pages of links. You don't have to sign up for a thing. There are even a few streaming services that carry it.

    Happy listening.

    [you can also get Alex Jones and Rumormill News Radio]
  16. DDinTV

    DDinTV Member

    I have the Coast to Coast app on my IPod touch, which allows me to download and listen to archived episodes in addition to the live stream. I'm looking for a similar app for my Samsung Moment. I can't download episodes with any of the podcatcher apps because my Streamlink username and password is required. Is there a C2C app for Andriod similar to that for the IPhone?
  17. DroidAddict

    DroidAddict Active Member

    iheartradio, you can listen to CtoC on KHOW out of Denver
  18. DDinTV

    DDinTV Member

    But can you archive it for listening later? I usually don't catch C2C live - I download the podcasts and listen the next day. Is there a way to download these files directly to the Android phone?
  19. ahammer

    ahammer Active Member

    I use dpod to download my podcast.. not sure if it can do payed podcast.
  20. Techdroid

    Techdroid Member

    Download the app Droid Lite Live. I found it when I searched it on there.
  21. GuardianFlash

    GuardianFlash New Member

    could someone list a few stations and what app I can use to stream coast to coast am live? I used to use droidlive but they don't have any stations that stream it live anymore, only old art bell shows or repeat from the night before.
  22. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    AM 640 (KFI) in Southern California has it. You can listen with Ihreatradio....
  23. GuardianFlash

    GuardianFlash New Member

    Thanks for your reply!
  24. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I'm not trying to advertise here or anything, but I'm a big fan of Coast to Coast and the paranormal in general. I co-own a paranormal "radio network" and we have a ton of podcasts and stuff if you're interested. planetparanormal dot com.
  25. Landrew

    Landrew Active Member

    Plenty of ways to listen to C2C on your Droid phone, but none so convenient as the Streamlink podcast app they've been promising for over a year. It must be among the simplest of apps to develop, so one wonders if they hired the wrong developer.

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