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how do i listen to radio without earphone?Support

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  1. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    do i have to download a radio app so it bypass the antenna check?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    You can't. The earphone cable is required to act as an antenna.
  3. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    how come iphone can play radio without earphone?
  4. Remeniz

    Remeniz Well-Known Member

    There's other phones with radios that don't need external antennas to function but they will have it built in to the phone.
  5. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Internet radio I would imagine
  6. MJC UK

    MJC UK Well-Known Member

    IPhone doesnt have a radio, you will be using an internet/data based radio app

    Check the market for something similar
  7. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    Download the app called Tunein Radio
  8. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I took some old earphones and cut it down to the solid stub, it's scratchy so I'll have to build it back up with some metal bits, into something that looks nice.
    Should get good quality if you just cut headphones down to 8-10 inches of headphone wire.
  9. sagir313

    sagir313 New Member

    Even i am trying to do the same thing but it is not working out so instead of that
    i am searching for a app which can make my phone virtually detect a earphone without actually plugging in a real earphone inside the socket of phone.. so that i can listen to FM Radio without a earphone but only a 3.5 mm audio pin without wires plugged in my phones socket.. can any body know about this kind of app or can create a app of this kind pls reply me thanku
  10. Gew

    Gew Active Member

    Guys, thanks for this thread. Gosh, I feel so stupid. I've always wondered to myself why cell phones (in general) require headphones to be plugged in when starting, but later keeps playing if you remove the headphones (then switching to phone speakers). I could never figure out the purpose of this. Finally, I started believing that it was some (stupid) agreement/regulation that had been made to keep eg. dozens of kids from sitting on the bus each playing different radio stations loud. Now, I get the big picture, the earphones I plug into my phone also act as antenna. Wow, talk about getting grilled up inside your whole head.

    Cheers! xD

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