How do I lock (security lock) my Android on-command (i.e. immediately)?

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    I've searched for this on Google and here but haven't found a good answer yet. (Similar question to

    When I talk about "locking", there are two different things I mean. When I say "lock", I mean having the lock screen appear that you need to swipe to get back to your home screen. When I say "security lock", I mean that in order to get back into your phone you have to enter your password/PIN/pattern that you have set in your security settings.

    I am not asking how to "lock" my phone. I know I can do that by pressing the power button briefly.

    I also know that I can set my phone to automatically "security lock" at various intervals, such as 'immediately when display powers off', or at intervals of 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc.

    It's inconvenient for me to set a short security lock timeout when I am using the phone frequently, but every now and then I have a need to immediately trigger the security lock (i.e. not wait for the timeout).

    Is it possible to immediately trigger a "security lock" without waiting for the timeout (and obviously without changing the timeout)?

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    i think there are widgets that you can get on the "Google Play store".. .some are free..

    widget button.. that locks your phone...

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