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how do i make a photo full screen size for wallpaper?Support

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  1. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    I am so sick of the little crop window you stretch to only see a portion of your photo and it's being reviewed at full screen size. I saw someone post that you grab the upper left and bottom right corners to stretch the window, but it did not work for me. Thanks in advance.

  2. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Android has a miserable means of formatting photos to fit the screen properly. I gave up trying when I had the Incredible. The whole process should be so simple. The whole process should be a one click affair. It is NOT!
  3. GodCountryND

    GodCountryND Well-Known Member

    Look for an app called wallpaper set and save. Works like a charm.
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  4. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any problems, put finger in center of box, slide to upper right corner of pic, move finger to lower left corner and slide outwards, I thought it was pretty simple.
  5. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Sniper, I don't know what size photos its working for you with, but it only gives me a portion of the photo when stretched all the way.

    Godcountrynd, I dl'd wallpaper set save and the pics are still not fitting on the entire screen like when I preview a picture, this time it was huge. Am I missing something?

  6. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Has anyone found a fix for this? Thanks!
  7. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

  8. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Well-Known Member

    Guys, the reason for the cropping box when you set a wallpaper is that the wallpaper you're trying to set is not the same aspect ratio of the device. If it were to ignore the aspect ratio, it would make your wallpaper appear "fat" or "tall", sometimes extremely so.
  9. mikevember

    mikevember Well-Known Member

    Why not have a fixed image instead of one that scrolls with the changing of home screens?
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  10. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    If photo resizing is required, what's the easiest way to resize them to the correct size, from my phone?

  11. 71Makaveli96

    71Makaveli96 Member

    okay I figured out a way :D
    1st - u need "andWobble wallpaper"
    2nd - just add image from gallery (WITHOUT adding a wobble)
    3rd - after adding pic just press "set wallpaper"
    *** OG pics size = 480x800

    my examples pics :D

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  12. I AGREE, Its an awful process on Android. I took a photo with the phone of my corvette and framed it really nice and then selected it as wall paper only to find the program blows the photo up and now half the car is missing on the wall paper. I have NEVER EVER had a phone do this before. No matter how hard I tried to use the green frame thingy it didn't work. I ended up having to stand waaaay back from the car so the car looked tiny in the shot but when it was submitted for wall paper it was then up sized and looked close to my originally normal framed photo. Wall paper on this phone is REALLY F**KED UP!
  13. lilsaphyre

    lilsaphyre Well-Known Member

    Just isn't so. All of my wallpapers are 480x800 for my Incredible and it still makes me crop.
  14. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Well-Known Member

    Wallpaper has to be 960x800 if you don't want to crop.
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  15. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Well-Known Member

    As the above poster said, you need 960x800. The 960 comes in because the wallpaper scrolls left/right when you change screens on the home. If you make a 960x800 one, you can make it perfectly sized, no cropped off edges.

    Also, for those that are lazy, 1280x1024 wallpapers for PCs are VERY CLOSE to the same ratio (very little is cropped).
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  16. lilsaphyre

    lilsaphyre Well-Known Member

    Yep. Had to find this info elsewhere however. I'm going to thank your post though because it's important.

    I resized all of mine I was having issues with.
  17. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Just purchased and wobble. Heres hoping it works for me too. Thanks for the tip.
  18. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Is there a program that you can do this with on our evo's?
  19. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    So i bought and wobble and don't see an option to make it wallpaper. I also downloaded the free and wobble wallpaper and it just throw up some blonde and i can't seem to findan option to change the image. Any idea where i am going wrong? Sorry to sound so helpless. Thanks in advance.
  20. 71Makaveli96

    71Makaveli96 Member

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  21. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Where do i start step2 from? I have tried over and over from a couple places, but didn't see the menus you reference. Sorry for sounding/being so inept. Haha. Thanks...
  22. gsx62391

    gsx62391 New Member

    its been said twice in the beginning of the forum. There are apps in the market that do all of it for you. Pick the pic and it re-sizes it perfectly for you. I'm using "Wallpaper maker" and its working perfect.
  23. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    In addition to the pathetic browser, adding images to the home screen is also a painful, ridiculous process on the Android OS.
  24. 11sec_lx

    11sec_lx Active Member

    Bought wallpaper maker and all is well. Thanks!
  25. Mekstar

    Mekstar Active Member

    Great app! works perfectly. Simple to use and its FREE! Thanks! :D

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