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  1. kazoober

    kazoober Member

    I sync'd some songs from my computer to my Ace. The songs are now on my Ace in the Music folder. When I go to select a ringtone, my songs do not show up. How can I select one of my downloaded songs as my ringtone?


  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Heres how I did it. Convert the song to the ogg format (google convert (eg) mp3 to ogg online). Put the ogg file in system/media/audio/ringtones

    The system will auto shutdown. After restarting the phone; you should be able to select the song.

    My phone is rooted. I dont know if theres a way of doing it without rooting.
  3. kazoober

    kazoober Member

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  4. driver33b

    driver33b New Member

    Free app Ringdroid....
  5. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Ringdroid doesn't change ringtones. It allows you to cut a song you have to a specific refrain from the song....For example, I use the song "Sherry" as my sisters ringtone. (Can always tell its her, without looking at phone...) I want it at the chorus, not the beginning of song. This is what Ringdroid does....

    As for assigning different ringtones to individual contacts, you need to copy your music to a specific folder before it will be seen as an option..If you want more info, let me know...
  6. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

  7. matilda1

    matilda1 New Member

    worked a treat! thankyouuuu :)
  8. demented

    demented Member

    anybody else done this in an unrooted phone?
  9. sparky93

    sparky93 Active Member

    i just converted the mp3 to a wav file. (free tools online)

    copyed the file to sd card to path media\audio\ringtones

    then back to phone settings for the tones and it was in the list.

    points to note,
    1. use a wav editor to cut just the portion you actually want. then copy the new file over.
    2. not tried, but a .amr audio file may work as a ring tone too. i dont know why mp3 is not allowed.
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  10. Jerry Prefer

    Jerry Prefer New Member

    Just copy and paste what ever song in your songs to your ringtone folder in your files app :)

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