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How do I master reset my LG Vortex?Support

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  1. GummiBear

    GummiBear New Member

    I forgot my g-mail account on my LG Vortex android phone. I already tried recovering my e-mail from google but failed trying. SO i was told to factory reset my phone. I need help on how to Master Reset my phone. (i have no problem with the things it'll erase.) I just need HELP!!!

  2. MWisBest

    MWisBest Member

    Don't reset the phone. You'll have to get it activated and your phone number will end up being your MIN. At least that's what happened to me, and because I live in an area where it's not Verizon coverage I had to drive 20 miles to activate the damn thing and spent about 2 hours dealing with their customer service just to get the phone number programmed right! and then spent an hour finding Verizon coverage!
  3. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    hold home + volume down + power
  4. anigirl1992

    anigirl1992 New Member

    Does this erase everything???
  5. anigirl1992

    anigirl1992 New Member

    The hold home+power+vloume down
  6. s_pec_s

    s_pec_s Member

    If you haven't installed a custom recovery this will reset the phone to the way it was fresh outta the box, if its been rooted the root software will still be there so itll still be known it was rooted. With a custom recovery installed this will bring you into the recovery menu and you can create or use backups from here... While trying to root my phone i reset my vortex a dozen times and all it does is run you thru the setup wizard again sometimes twice...

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