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How do I or can I sideload apps to a KF?

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  1. viv1610

    viv1610 Member

    I bought my daughter a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year and of course some of the games she wants to play are only in the Play store.
    Is it possible to sideload apps to it?

    I got her the KF because I wanted to be sure she wasn't running up charges on my account and it can be locked with parental controls.

    Specifically one app is The Tribez.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    P.S. I've been "trying" to read up on how to root as I need to move the same game from my phone to my tablet, gave myself a headache and have opted to get my future son in law to do it as he has his phone rooted with Cyanogen. Thank goodness for young whippersnappers. LMAO!!

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    It is possible to sideload applications to it, however, it is dangerous as those applications are not official and could contain malware, so I would definitely get a malware or virus scanner for it before you decide to install them :)
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  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    not sure about the KF question...
    from what i have read.. amazon really locked down that tablet. you would have to root it. then just load the google play..

    if your phone and tablet are using the same google account.. you can log in on the tablet with the same account. then you can load any app that you own to both devices. (if that app supports that device).
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  4. viv1610

    viv1610 Member

    Thanks Dan but I want the game to be transferred with all my progress with it. And the developers didn't make it so it could be saved to my sd card so my only choice is to root my old phone and my new N7 to get the game moved over. I'm at level 44 and it took me months to get there. Really don't want to have to start over.

    I would definitely be careful about sideloading games to the KF as I don't want to infect it with any malware. At this point, I am still just pondering whether I want to do it or just let her "help" whenever I load my game. :D

  5. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i am not sure what you mean by "side loading" means to you.
    to me.. that means able to load apps that are NOT on the Play market. Downloading an apk file and loading.

    i guess you want to root it... back that apps and all its user data.. and restoring it on another device. you would use an app like Titanium Backup.

    but I want to warn you....
    that what I think might be an issue... the two devices are totally different.. and have different hardware and associated drivers (kernels).
    the app may configure itself to work on your phone. and you back it up that way.
    restoring it on a totally different device ...may not work to well...

    if you have the KF rooted.. make sure you have it fully nandroid backup before you try this. just in case. :p good luck
  6. viv1610

    viv1610 Member

    Thanks for the advice Dan...I realized tonight as I was rereading this thread that I had posted some pretty confusing stuff re: the tablet I have and the KF I bought for my daughter.

    This past Xmas was an electronic Xmas for me and my family. I bought myself an N7 and bought my daughter the KF for the reasons I stated in my first post (needing complete control over her loading stuff to it). The KF is not rooted, and I don't think I want to root it, not if it would change the ability to keep her from downloading whatever her heart desires to it. lol

    My N7 is now rooted but my future son in law could not find a root program (or whatever they are called) that he felt would safely work on my old HTC phone to be able to save and transfer The Tribez game to my tablet. I hadn't thought about the differences in hardware and kernels between those 2 devices, so maybe it was better that he couldn't do it.

    I've decided that my daughter can play the Tribez that is on my old phone, while I work at getting back to the level I was on before I got my N7.

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer my posts. :D

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